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Published:October 30th, 2007 01:06 EST
Dreaming Between the Lines

Dreaming Between the Lines

By Natasha Kalafatis

I sit alone in the highest tower,

Silent in thought, and because I do not have the power

To slow or speed time as I wish,

It goes on and on, hour by hour.


They`re all gone, now. All my friends and family

Who lived here. They`ve left me

All alone, to think in the darkness, the emptiness.

Perhaps they think they`ve left me in a sanctuary.


Mary was the first to be found dead.

One day, she got right up and fled,

Flinging herself through this very window I look out

And breaking all bones, save her head.


Jacob put himself under the guillotine,

And forcing Martha to let fly the machine;

The poor girl could not bear the guilt

And took a knife to slit her throat behind the scene.


Then there was a great fire,

A flame set because of Patrick`s great desire.

He went in screaming with both agony and bliss, and

Little William was also lost to the ferocious pyre.


I myself helped put it out, but it didn`t stop fair Lindsay

From devising a death from her own creativity.

She bit her tongue off and choked and gagged.

Her reasons, as the others, are unknown, but that is how it came to be.


And the twins and I became the last alive.

They panicked and made their nooses, each with five

Knots, and managed to yank them around their necks at the same time.

Since then, I have been the only to survive.


I see all their ghosts every night.

Mary cannot walk, Lindsay cannot talk, and Patrick`s face is quite a fright.

It is sad to see that they are forever unable to do what they please,

Because after death, not to be happy seems wrong-- not right.


So all alone, thinking to myself, I hope when I go

Up to the heavens or down below,

That the only thing I will ever regret while I lived

Will be the little wart on my big toe.