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Published:November 6th, 2007 01:00 EST
Incredible Poet and Spoken Word Artist

Incredible Poet and Spoken Word Artist

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Interview on behalf of the Student Operated Press with...

Audrey Michelle, Amazing Poet and Spoken Word Artist...

Chase von: Audrey, first I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview! You are an exceptional writer! But you often write erotica although you write about many other things and are fantastic at that as well! But we both know, your fan base is largely devoted to your erotic writings. When did you first pick up your pen and say, I am going to write this?

Audrey Michelle: Most of my writing isn’t erotic, however, there is a story behind how I started. When I write, I just blank out my mind and type. I never do seem to know what will spill out onto the paper. Sometimes it is erotic– and for a long time I posted those on private. While reading other blogs I learned that people weren’t considered trashy or slutty for writing it– and as I started to open the blogs up to be read– the response was amazing. I now understand that it is alright to express all parts of my personality and characteristics and that none should embarrass me.

Chase von: You are someone who has her work stolen all the time! Because it is that good! I remember the first time I was asked to enter a contest about erotic writing. I didn't win, didn't even come close! And you didn't win either, but I got to read what you wrote, and thought you should have! You have since won how many contests?

Audrey Michelle: I don’t know how many contests I’ve won, to be honest. A lot of them are based on popularity and persuasion of friends/readers to vote. I tend not to enter contests because I’m not the type to solicit votes and I don’t want to lose because I refuse to do that.

As for the work being stolen, I tend to write to the offenders and first tell them under no uncertain terms that they need to remove the work they have posted. I usually follow with a paragraph that thanks them for reading and enjoying my work.

Chase von: We've both seen it. Especially on My Space. People who write about sex and it is akin to toilet humor. You, however, in your writings, make it the most beautiful thing it is truly meant to be. How often do you think, no, this isn't right, and change it so that when you release a work, it is something that continues to make love making beautiful?

Audrey Michelle: Some of my erotica is about the beauty of sex, some is just a bunch of wit and sass. Either way, I never degrade the act and I always try to add an addition to make the poem for a particular person (general in most cases– rarely written about anyone specific.) I have a problem with pornography and a lot of erotic writing. I have no issues with the writing of it as I feel that authors should express their desires and feel comfortable doing so. However, if I see or read something that makes me feel degraded I can no longer look at sex as the beautiful act that I desire to see it as. It is hard in this world to view sex as love making; however, I don’t desire to see it as anything but.

Chase von: I have to tell you, that if I had never seen your pictures, I would still enjoy what you write, but you're HOT! Do you think that helps with what you write? People being able to see how lovely the author is?

Audrey Michelle: Of course, it helps. People click on my blog or profile because they see a good looking girl. I hear all the time that people click because of that but stay because of the words I write and speak. They may come there because of the image but they stay because of the talent.

By the way, thank you for the compliment!

Chase von: I did another interview with Kimberly Prendez and she was quite vocal that there are a lot of things worse than seeing the human body naked. Do you think we as a society make things worse by not embracing what is natural? Our sexuality?

Audrey Michelle: I don’t really know about how I feel about presenting the naked body. I understand a lot of the photographers, artists, models view it as art– and in many ways I do, too– if it is represented as such. The body is beautiful and is art– but too often it is portrayed in a way that makes it body parts and sex– that again lessens the beauty of the body as well as the view of sex.

Chase von: How important is family to you?

Audrey Michelle: Family is what helps me survive in a world that sometimes seems unbearable. Too many enter your life and exit. Each time someone leaves, it hurts. The ability to know someone will always be there for you– is what helps mend the pain inside.
My son is my world. He forces me to make the right decisions in my life. He loves me unconditionally. When he looks up at me, I feel whole, I feel successful; and, mostly, I just feel love as I’ve never known before.

Chase von: What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and, regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Audrey Michelle: I would tell them that they are equal in every way to the adults in this world. I would tell them that no matter how they may be hurt in this world, they must keep their hearts from becoming toxic. I would tell them that throughout life they will be labeled many things. That no matter what they are labeled, they make the choice to live within that label or to venture out and prove to themselves that they are more. I would tell them that respect is the most important part of any relationship that they may have throughout life, even with people they randomly come across.

Chase von: How can our ADULT readers find you and learn more about you? And what is the title of your book or books and where can they find them as well? And also, how can they find links to learn more about you?

Audrey Michelle: My soul and feelings are exposed within the words that I write and speak. There are no secrets. If someone wants to know me, all they need to do is click on my MySpace page and listen, or read my blogs. I will tell them all.

As for the book– not too sure yet– still working on putting it together and producing a spoken word CD to accompany it.

Chase von: On behalf of The Student Operated Press and myself, I want to thank you, Audrey Michelle, for finding the time to do this! You're a very talented writer who makes all who read your words feel them deeply. I just want to wish you continued success and thank you again for letting me interview you! When I was younger, there was a singer who sang raunchy songs and, to be frank, I really didn't care for her much. Think her name was Millie Jackson. Maybe I was just too young to appreciate it. But your works are always things I can relate to, so perhaps you are changing the game?

Audrey Michelle: I don’t know if I’m changing the game on any monumental level. I have learned to accept my feelings and desires and no longer feel the need to fit into societies mold as I never really did anyway. I know for many female writers I have opened the door to feeling comfortable writing and presenting their sexual fantasies and erotic feelings. Many tell me of the impact that freedom has offered to their lives. I suppose that is monumental in many ways.

Chase von: Just want to thank you again, Audrey, and well, never mind:)

Audrey Michelle: What is the never mind? Can’t thank you until I know…lol…
Thank you Chase Von– I’m so glad that our paths have met and you have encouraged me in so many ways.