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Published:November 19th, 2007 04:01 EST
Anne Hicks Hits the Mark with moonShine review

Anne Hicks Hits the Mark with moonShine review

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Where can you find a publisher so dedicated to her craft?  Can you name a publisher more concerned with or helpful to her writers?  Have you met Anne Hicks?  If not, you must.

Just in time for Christmas, Anne has released her newest edition of moonShine review, a delightful collection of short stories penned by some of the best writers in the Southeast.  Anne willingly considers work from anywhere; still, she gives preference to artists from Charlotte, NC and the Southeast.

Furthermore, washing through the pages of this, and each, lovely edition are exquisite images created by one artist who Anne decides to feature.

Anne tenderly reviews hundreds of submissions watching for the unique.  Miraculously, twice each year, she kneads and molds a vision.  As Michelangelo is said to have freed his figures from their marble cage, Anne reveals the theme which has emerged through the harmony of her writers.

As you can imagine, Anne is greatly admired by all who know her.  She began this labor of love in 2005 to bring about understanding through art and writing by providing a venue for unique voices. "

A collection of short fiction, flash fiction and creative non-fiction, moonShine review highlights work that conveys an honest and individual perspective. "

This edition of moonShine review-- Volume 3, Issue 2-- certainly features exquisite examples of honest and individual perspective. "  Writers who contributed are Carolyn Brown Bayer, Ben E. Campbell, Lana Hendershott, D.B. Miller, Dorothy Raney, Lynn Veach Sadler, Bob Strother, Caulean Versey, Tammy Wilson and Margaret Wooten.

Vansana Nolintha, Anne`s featured photographer, serves up a yummy eye-feast, indeed.

Be sure to order your copy now.  Past issues are unavailable and become so quickly.  moonShine review sells for just $6 plus shipping at

Frankly, you will want to order several copies because they are the perfect gift.  To order your shipment, contact Anne directly at  You will give a gift of beauty while supporting a gifted editor and precious publisher, Anne Hicks.

Listen to Anne Hicks discuss writing and publishing with Judyth Piazza, CEO/Editor, The Student Operated Press, on Judy`s internet radio show, The American Perspective,