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Published:December 12th, 2007 10:07 EST
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Texas Duck Tour takes a Detour: Day 3

By Chester Moore (Editor)

Watching mallards cup their wings over a crystal clear stream with a backdrop of limestone hills and live oaks is a memory I will never forget.

Hunting with Eric Parker and Austin Dempsey, both dedicated Hill Country waterfowlers, opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities of waterfowling in this scenic region known for its abundant whitetail and Rio Grande Turkey. However, the area holds a surpising number of ducks and we took a four man limit including mallards, gadwall and green-winged teal.

Due to an ice storm we did not get to make the hunt with Scott Curtsinger of Longneck Outfitters north of Lubbock. We regretted not being able to make the hunt (especially since he said he could have put us on lots of Canadas and snows) however we did get an evening of deer hunting with some friends. Tim Soderquist of Ducks Unlimited (DU) and I bagged three does on an overpopulated ranch in Kerr County and then got to experience the wonderful duck hunting.

So far on the tour we have logged 1,351 miles, looked into a variety of conservation issues and a variety of ecological regions across the state and had an amazing time.

For the Hill Country issues important to waterfowl include drought and land development which is intruding on areas crucial to ducks and other wildlife. Expect more on this issue when I get home as well as other details. Internet access has been minimal, plus my laptop is having issues. The good news is the ducks have been flying.

Next up is Choke Canyon Reservoir....