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Published:December 24th, 2007 09:51 EST
Art Culture in Cameroon with Yibain Emile-aime

Art Culture in Cameroon with Yibain Emile-aime

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

On behalf of the student operated press and R.M.Zoneziwoh.
Acknowledging the fact that art culture in English-speaking Cameroon is not well developing. Yet, we can find some of you having that zeal to promote the art culture. Present in our midst, is one artist who is sacrificing day and night to see that showbiz become an integral part of his lifestyle.

Zionziwoh:  Good afternoon. Who are you? 

Emile:  (smile)  Good day.  I am Yibain Emile-aime, born in abakwa some many years ago. Did Primary, Secondary education and BSc. (Hons.) Geology &  Computer Sciences. After many years, I acquired training in audiovisual as well.

Actually, I don`t know who I am.

In 1994, I carried out a sensitization through illustrations against HIV & STDs organized by the provincial delegation of public health.  In August of 1999, I created the student forum for solidarity-CAMSSA. & UBERC-University of Buea Association for Reawakening Creativity. What a shame! No longer does it exist.

I am a Pioneer member of UB orchestra, who are today renowned owners of multimedia studios nationwide.  In the same year, 1st edition of UNIFAC (University Festival of Arts) in Ngoundere, I won 1st prize in painting and plastic arts; and, in 2000, I took 1st prize in painting and 2nd in poetry in a competition launched by Amnesty International on the Right of the African Child.

Taking fine art and multimedia as a profession, in 2006, I was selected as the best artist in South West Province in the National Festival Arts and Culture-FENAC. And was to represent SWP at national level, but that didn`t hold. 

Zoneziwoh:  You read geology and today you are into painting and multimedia. How did that happen? 

Emile:  Geology, I did not choose, I was force to read geology. I intended to study Maths/Physics, yet I had this passion in art, which grew to maturity after UNIFAC.  

Zoneziwoh:  What are the challenges in the field of art? 

Emile:  Firstly, completing the work at hand by having the necessary information for my research. Understanding the terrain and the psychology of the people with whom you are working.

Secondly, getting the appropriate technical crew and executive producers. 

Zoneziwoh: I have come across lots of your work and they are too philosophical.  Where do you get your inspiration? 

Emile:  (laugh) From God. I consider myself as a student to nature. Nature speaks; I understand its language and simply represent what it tells me.

Zoneziwoh: What are some upcoming projects? 

Emile: Much, still at pre-production, God willing, late 2008, will release legend on a broken paint brush. From the title, you understand the mystic behind a fine artist`s brush of which, only few can have it. 

Zoneziwoh: What is surprising about you? 

Emile:  I am a fool. My foolishness baffles me. 

Zoneziwoh: Hope you wouldn`t mind if I probe into your personal life, Are you married?

Emile: No, no kid. No girlfriend or so-called fiancé. But am sure I will find someone soon. 

Zoneziwoh: What is your advice to youths or young aspiring artists? 

Emile:  I will say, let them give chance to time, and if you are measuring an inch, take time to do it, know that good works take time to be achieved. 

Zoneziwoh: Thanks for the time you shared, coupling the fact that I came here when you were about to draw, I imagine it was a distraction. 

Emile: It`s OK. There is something about life, time is not wasted, it depends on  your definition of waste.  You will agreed with me that we all have acquired, sometime, knowledge which, I know, is never wasted.


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