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Published:January 30th, 2008 14:37 EST
That Which Is Timeless

That Which Is Timeless

By Sean Stubblefield

On January 28, an awesome new website appeared on the internets for the up`n`coming film entitled Artemis Eternal, revealing the secret project keeping Jessica Stover away from her main blog page for most of the last month. Responding to audience input, this was conceived, designed and created (with assistance from artist Greg Martin) as a more dynamic way to connect with her audience regarding the development process and progress of the film.

And right off the bat, it succeeds brilliantly and beautifully!

The site`s layout, features and operation are stunningly breathtaking, insightfully crafted, elegantly functional and easy to navigate.

Attributes of the site include a general chronology " detailing accomplishments and developmental status, her philosophy of film making/storytelling, notations of Wingmen (her major contributors), list of financial supporters, FAQ, link to her main site, and opportunity to donate money.

The site is a work in progress, with more information and features to come.


Because of her approach, Jess does not believe in ruining the surprise by telling you what the film is about before you see it. No peeking behind the curtain, no explaining or exposing the magic, no spoilers, no explicit promotional material, nor even so much as divulging a premise. Which makes it difficult to attract supporters willing to donate, since most people are skeptical of paying for something when they don`t know what it is.

For those of us who are fans of and familiar with Jessica-- her story telling, ideology and methodology " we understand and trust enough in her. Just the idea is plenty for us.

But for everyone else " which is the majority of site visitors, more evidence " may be required to convince and secure their support. Proof of authenticity, to help sooth any concerns that this is a legitimate project, and that it is really happening.

Thus, was born.


Posted on the site, in a Letter From The Filmmaker, Jessica tells us to forget everything you know about filmmaking ". Because that is exactly what she is doing as a film maker, striving to preserve or restore the integrity of film making and film makers (or at the very least, in her film making).

Having studied the craft and business of making movies, her initiative is to revise and revitalize not only how movies are made, but why.

Artemis Eternal is/will be a sci-fi fantasy short film intended to demonstrate and experiment with an alternative model for standard studio business and story telling methods in film making. One in which the audience is not only invited to participate and contribute, but in which audience involvement is necessary for the film to be made.