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Published:February 12th, 2008 05:44 EST
Tobacco-free Duke University embraces Sex Workers Art Show--  is it art, Art?

Tobacco-free Duke University embraces Sex Workers Art Show-- is it art, Art?

By SOP newswire

Media Advisory- A bacchanalian* spectacle recently took place at Duke University: The Sex Workers Art Show. You may have heard of it before, but the show at Duke is a unique situation for multiple reasons.

First of all, we have video of the event that we have made available on our blog footage.html, which is not available for any other show, as well as pictures to document the event. The video demonstrates not only the vulgarity of the event, but also the complete lack of anything of redeeming educational value.

Second, Duke has an explicit policy prohibiting st*ippers on campus, which was implemented as a result of the lacrosse affair. The fact that the administration not only allowed but paid for (University Fund and Cultural Fund) this affair on practically the two-year anniversary of the Lacrosse Affair in which they and the Women`s Center and Women`s Studies (all contributors to the event) skewered the lacrosse team for hiring stri*pers, is especially extraordinary. Shockingly, this show was far more inappropriate than the lacrosse party. The University Fund is comprised of contributions from the President`s Office, Provost`s Office, and Student Affairs.

That is only the beginning. For a preliminary explanation of the events that transpired, read Jay Schalin`s (from the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy) account of the affair. We brought him to the show, and he wrote about it the next day: click here. We have since brought national attention to the story.

Our President, Ken Larrey, who attended the event, is currently available for interviews. He also has experience on camera and is available to speak about this event and related issues on the air upon request.

To contact Ken, email or call 713 206 8484. He has had multiple requests, so his time may be limited.

At our blog,, you should be able to find everything you need to know including pictures, video, and links to other media coverage.

*[  Ed.]

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