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Published:March 5th, 2008 07:23 EST
Kelly Ayer Unveils Iconography Website

Kelly Ayer Unveils Iconography Website

By SOP newswire

Iconography. The traditional or conventional images or symbols associated with a subject and especially a religious or legendary subject.

If you`re unfamiliar with this art form, you will be delighted to learn that Kelly Ayer is here for you.  If you have been frustrated looking the world over for a talented, devoted and dedicated person to create the icon of your vision, Kelly Ayer is here for you.

Kelly`s sample body of work will capture both your imagination and your breath.  As is true with most truly gifted people, Kelly was captured by iconography long before she relished the dream.  Her captivity was exposed during a 2004 visit to Istanbul, Turkey.  The ancient icons of the ancient land inspired her to surrender to the beckoning voice.  Says Kelly, Prayer is the foundation to this sacred work and without the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I would not be able to lift a brush. "

However, lift the brush she does.  Kelly works exclusively in high-quality artist`s acrylic gouache and on high-quality, solid wood panels or pre-gessoed, cradled boards depending on the wishes of her client.  Icons originally varied in color and materials based on the benefactor`s resources and desires.  Kelly lovingly continues this ancient tradition.

In addition to discovering Kelly at, you can find her work reigning quietly in the homes and churches of many patrons, private and public, in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and New York.

Kelly is available to write " and icon for you.  We suggest you make your plans quickly-- there are only so many hours in a day and we want you first on her schedule.

Kelly can be reached personally at