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Published:April 15th, 2008 14:03 EST
Michigan author pens timeless new fiction

Michigan author pens timeless new fiction

By SOP newswire


Enumclaw, WA -- It`s a question most of us end up asking. It could be difficult times, such as the nation`s poor economy, that brings to mind questions about the meaning of life. Perhaps nowhere has economic hardship been felt more distinctly than in Michigan.

Jumping back more than 100 years to 1888 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we see a vastly different society. Horses, carriages, and streetcars were the modes of transportation. Gaslights lit up the city, while electricity and telephone were just making their debut. Successful Grand Rapids produced internationally renowned furniture placing it on the map as Furniture City, USA.

Yet, didn`t people have the same questions about their lives that we still have today? Don`t we all struggle to find our place? "Discovering Abigail Rutherford" [Pleasant Word, 2007], a timeless new fiction release from Dawn E. Laine, places you in this Grand Rapids society at the peak of the furniture industry.

Abigail Rutherford has just completed her schooling when her parents, owners of Rutherford Furniture Company, arrange for her to meet a wealthy lumber baron`s son named Harris Wentworth. Abigail discovers that Harris is quite full of himself and she is not impressed. Her mother, however, is completely smitten.

Soon Harris receives consent to marry Abigail, but when she objects to her parents on account of his tainted character, they not only ignore her opinion, they begin arranging the wedding. As Abigail agonizes over how to escape this dire situation, she also wrestles with deeper questions about the existence of God and how she can find her true identity. Will Abigail`s path of self-discovery be cut short, or will she herself be discovered by a deep, triumphant love?

"I want readers to identify with Abigail and join her in her adventures and faith walk. I hope this book encourages them to realize that God has a plan for our lives even during difficult circumstances," says Laine. "My dream for this book is that, through Abigail`s story, readers will feel Jesus` love for them and they will develop a deep relationship with Him."

Dawn E. Laine is a Grand Rapids native who enjoys studying the history of West Michigan. This along with her love for God and belief in the importance of personal Bible study drives her writing.

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