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Published:May 16th, 2008 15:03 EST
Lion of the Left Will Roar from Human Cage!

Lion of the Left Will Roar from Human Cage!

By John Lillpop

Bernie Ward, ultra-leftist, former Catholic Priest, former talk show host, and the "Lion of the Left," in San Francisco will taste of justice. This hypocritical pervert will spend five years in a federal prision for outrageous felonies involving child po*nography.

This despicable leftist, who sees himself as intellectually superior, turns out to have the practical IQ of a tissue of toilet paper, but not nearly the utility thereof.

ABC-News in San Francisco, former employer of the bloated, bombastic simpleton, has produced an interview with one Linda Figueiredo, the woman at the center of the child por*ography case against the man who, in addition to his nightly insanity, hosted "God Talk" on Sunday mornings on KGO Radio.

Among other things, Ms. Figueiredo said the following: "I think that he needs to sit in that prison cell and I think he needs to think about what he did. What he did didn`t affect just one person, it affected those children that he had on that computer screen that are all over the Internet. It affected me, I was highly stressed, it put me into a deep depression for four years. And I think he needs to sit there and I think justice has been served."

Well said, Ms. Figueiredo!

We, the listening public in the San Francisco Bay Area, are indebted to you for exposing Mr. Ward`s immoral and illegal behavior to the authorities.
Getting that man off the air and into a prision cell should qualify you for the highest level of community service recognition possible!

May Bernie Ward`s days in prision be haunted by the memory of you and your courageous act of public service.

Let this creep do his roaring in a cage occupied by similarly flawed human animals!