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Published:May 26th, 2008 09:43 EST
Interested in Publishing Your Book for Global Distribution?

Interested in Publishing Your Book for Global Distribution?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Do you have a book written in English and you wish to publish it?  Big publishers accept about one typescript in two thousand and often through literary agents. POD publishers accept about twenty percent of all the manuscripts they receive, according to expert reports. What is POD publishing?

POD (print on demand) means, the publishers print your book against a fee, place it on Internet book-shops and on the lists of bookstores (but not on their shelves) so readers can order your book either from the Internet book-shops or via bookstores. Since the print is digital, the stocks at the book wholesaler are immediately completed, in a few days, as they are sold out. The book never goes out of print and there is no risk of going bankrupt if the book doesn’t sell.

I published five titles with three different publishers in the U.S.A. and here is my experience: 

I published my first two books with  Outskirts Press,  I paid a certain fee per book and was guided professionally in every step of the process.  In a few months, my books:

“THE SECOND VENICE”- ISBN 1598000888 and “SMALL MIRACLES” –ISBN 1598001000, were out, selling on 200 Internet book-shops and via 25,000 bookstores, globally. As the books sell, my royalties are recorded on my account sheet, to which I have constant access by Internet. I keep the ownership of my copyright and can sell them to a big publisher anytime I like. The advantage with the big publishers is they take on the responsibility of the advertising of your book. With the POD publishers, the author has to make his own PR and advertising, arrange for book reviews and radio and TV  and press interviews himself- which is a very hard task, but is fun. Outskirts Press provides a web page for the book and the author. Again, the author keeps the ownership of his copyright.

My next two books, WISDOM IN SMILE” – ISBN  142577153X  and  STOCKHOLM STORIES -ISBN  1425771629, I published with Xlibris,  Again, after a few months the books were out and placed on 200 Internet book-shops and on the lists– but not on the shelves– of 25,000 bookstores, globally.  I am pleased with both of these publishers. They are very professional in book publishing.  Their practices may vary little; but, at the end, lead to the satisfaction of the author. Xlibris also provides a very professional web page for the books and a separate web page for the author. The royalties and sales can be followed anytime on the author’s  account page. Both publishers provide guidance and services to the author in his promoting his books. With Xlibris, also, the author keeps the ownership of his copyrights.

My poetry book, “LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES”- ISBN 1424111870, I chose to publish with Publish America,  This publisher does not charge any fee at all and provides a wide range PR and advertising for the books (free of charge) and places them on  200 Internet book-shops and on the list of 25,000 bookstores and even on the shelves of some of them. Of course, one should expect lower royalties in this case. This publisher, unlike the other two, requires that you pass on your copyright to them for seven years.

All of the above publishers use, as their wholesaler, said to be the largest book wholesaler in the world among few other distributors.

Are there any serious problems in publishing your book? Yes. 

1- In the U.S.A. there are about ten million books in English on the market. In the U.K. the amount is thirteen and one half million. Your book has to compete with all these books plus, with the TV and Internet, of course.        

2- After the publication, some illegal publishers/printers may want to print your book and sell it without paying your royalty. This is a crime and the best way to tackle this is to protect your book with a copyright certificate, which you can obtain from the US Library of Congress, Copyright Office, against a small fee. If you notice any such publishers/printers attempting to market your book, either your publisher or you can take a measure against that. Usually, a warning is sufficient. Check “ Google” to find out if any mischievous publisher/printer is doing such a thing.

3-When you get your royalty payments in cheque, your local bank, outside the U.S.A. charges a very big amount to cash the cheque, which sweeps away a considerable part of your royalties. Ask your publisher to let the royalties accumulate and when they reach a good sum, ask them to remit it to you.

4- You will need many copies of your book to send to reviewers. The publisher will offer you a good discount on your own books. They provide only a very few free copies. But, the shipment of the books to you can cost a big sum. You may prefer to obtain your books from your local Internet book-shop.

The cost can be lower and delivery time very fast. In Sweden, I buy my own copies from which has very reasonable  prices.

5- The publishers above will not sell your book to bookstores on credit, as big publisher do. Therefore, bookstores usually don’t want to buy the books on cash-payment basis and this makes it very difficult to place your books in the bookstores. The POD publishers, however, give a very generous trade discount to the bookstores.

How did my books manage after their publication?

THE SECOND VENICE  became No. 1 in Italy Magazine in U.K., among top rated books, in 2006

SMALL MIRACLES brought me thanks from H.H. The Pope Benedictus XVI

LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES brought two first prizes from

WISDOM IN SMILE got a praise in the chique New York magazine review.

STOCKHOLM STORIES were commented on in the Times On Line, on two occasions.

All the books were reviewed very positively in the U.S.A. and Europe in the press and on television.

My last comment on writing is: Your job as an author does not finish when your book is published.

It starts there!

Prof.(h.c.) ASKIN OZCAN, Author 
Askin Ozcan resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Visit his web page at

His books are available at your favorite Internet bookshop under his name and via bookstores by giving their ISBN.

©  Askin Ozcan