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Published:May 28th, 2008 16:21 EST
IMAGIST of imagination: Melissa Zollo

IMAGIST of imagination: Melissa Zollo

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

Why are a great number of people living in a state of unforgiveness, in a place where their minds are in fear and their souls are anemic?  A great deal has been written on the answers to these and many other problems, but I haven`t found anyone like Melissa Zollo.

Melissa is different.  I won`t say she thinks outside the box because, in the world where Melissa lives, there is no box.  She is one of the most rare and articulate speakers you`ll ever hear offer you legitimate answers.  While many will counsel you by focusing the answers, Melissa is wise in that she challenges you to focus on the solutions because all creation is imaginal.

Recently, Melissa tweaked the interest swirling around her answers to include people from the four corners of the earth.  It appears that all problems are rooted in the imagination, but so are all the solutions.  By practicing her methods we could all be more successful and happy.  Melissa Zollo has been successfully helping people from nearly every field and industry.  People don`t accomplish solutions.  People achieve their goals or realize their dreams far more easily and quicker than anyone I have known for more than two and a half decades.

Imagine have a breakthrough unlike any other breakthrough you`ve ever had before in your entire life.  Yes, your understanding is released and now you imagine a new hope for the future and it`s as though the padlock you once had on your mind has been unlocked forever. Do you follow me?  Right now you`re feeling better than you`ve ever felt before, giving you a whole new level of energy and abundance of joy.  If you can imagine all of this then you`re ready to meet my special guest, Melissa Zollo.  Who is Melissa Zollo?  She`s a very caring woman who considers herself an imagist.  What is an imagist?  Well, I`ll let Melissa tell you herself in the first part of our interview, as I anticipate interviewing her in the near future.  I`m sure you will enjoy it so please email me and let me know at  Here we go.

Deremiah *CPE: Why don`t we begin with your telling us what you do.

Melissa Zollo: Well, that`s a very loaded question.  But let me start by saying the easiest way of presenting what I do is to say that I consider myself an imagist, and an imagist is someone who turns within to the healing power of imagination.  I use mental images and blueprints for myself and others to create changes in their life.  So, I really support people whose desires reflect positive transformation.  We do all of this in the spirit of creativity and inventiveness in the workshop of their imagination because it is my belief that imagination is the force behind creativity.

Deremiah *CPE:  Okay, why do we need blueprints?  Why do you think that`s important?

Melissa Zollo: Well, if you go back, you know, to the concept of the Bible, we were made in the image of this creative power or spirit or God, and so an image is a blueprint.  Blueprints go back to the very essence of all creativity.  So, what I do is, I help people change some of the mental images and memories and blueprints or those pictures that are in their consciousness that are actually robbing them or stopping them from moving forward and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.  The truth of my work or the essence of my work is that we must start at the beginning of the creative action or the creative process.  That is always, always, always for me with the mental blueprint and image.

Deremiah *CPE:  So, what you`re saying is that when people don`t have a blueprint that is constructive or positive, they don`t ever get on with what they`re here to do?

Melissa Zollo: Well, what I`m saying is that it`s impossible for the sick person to find health, a poor person to attract wealth, the miserable person to find happiness or a failure to become successful in the physical world no matter who he knows or what he does, until he first changes that mental image within himself and begins to image or imagine himself to be healthy, wealthy, happy and successful.  The reason is results follow our mental impressions, they do not precede them.  So, to constantly be complaining about lack, unhappiness or limitation while remaining in your consciousness sick, poor and miserable state is to play the fool`s game, because changes will never take place from the level of consciousness, from the level of the consciousness of the problem.  You follow?

Deremiah *CPE: Yes.

Melissa Zollo:  Because it is while you were in that consciousness you were actually in the state of self-condemnation.  You are condemning; you are imprisoning yourself to the past.  You are actually working against yourself.  And for me and the work that I do, I help people really go within themselves and start at the very beginning of the process, which is always to start with the image. For me, my work is about activating your imagination...reimage, refocus, rethink, rebuild, receive.

Deremiah *CPE:  So, what you`re saying is that, basically, people cannot find this image that they need to have for themselves outside of themselves.  Are you saying that it is something that is contained within us?

Melissa Zollo:  I`m saying all ideas, all ideas, are within you and you never attract anything that`s foreign to yourself.  And if we keep encountering events that are causing us pain or resulting in lack, then we immediately know that the person may not consciously be aware of it, but there`s some memory or picture operating in their mind that`s in conflict with their dream or desire.  So what I do is help that person understand the process that we are capable of using, and it`s very simple. Once we understand the laws of the universe and that the laws can`t be changed, but they can be made to work under specific guidelines in order to produce results that will help that individual, then we have the keys.  We`re opening the gateways to the fulfillment of dreams. 


This marks the beginning of my first in depth interview of Melissa Zollo.  If you`d like to know more about how Melissa Zollo opens up the gateways to the fulfillment of your dreams or you`d like to have her work with you, please read below about how to get in contact with her.  Thanks for reading the first seven minutes of our 60-minute interview and remember that you can imagine a better life and then have what you imagine.  Thank you so much.

Melissa Zollo has been bringing new hope to her clients causing them to experience victory over their past, over their health, over their business and over their finances.  These are just a few of the areas Melissa Zollo helps her clients achieve total success.  Her testimonials read like a who`s who and could fill a book.  They include such people as New York Times Best Selling author Bernie Siegel and Nightingale Conant author Dr. Joe Vitale, just to name a few.  Melissa Zollo can be reached for consultations, teleseminars, TV appearances or radio interviews at .  There you can also locate her products and begin working on rebuilding your life from the inside out.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE
(c) 2008 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

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