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Published:July 24th, 2008 10:43 EST
Summer Day's End

Summer Day's End

By Tristan Mack


So here it is.  Only one more month left of this summer season, at least until school and life resumes its more hectic schedule.  And what a summer it has been.  Quite frankly, it has been one of the best and the worst I have experienced in my young life.  At this point, it`s hard to distinguish which has had a greater impact on my life, the good times or the bad.

I lost a friend this summer, but, as a result, there was change in the air around us all.  It was subtle, nothing one would take notice of for a few more months, such as a time like this.  It was more that we had all begun to take notice of ourselves and others more closely than before, remembering the details of life; the voices and the events that shaped it into what it is. 

Pictures were more prominent of little events such as an afternoon trip together and we`ve made more of an effort to be around one another during these summer days, when time seems infinite, despite the constant reminder that it is not so.

This summer has given me new knowledge and foresight of the world and of myself.  I have learned that I probably shouldn`t drink tequila and that, when all else fails, drinks and friends seem to make everything better for one night.  Truth be told, without these people this summer, I would have been hard pressed to make it through the last month.  Life has a funny way of reminding you of the downfalls, especially when your alone, and I have no desire for such constant reminders. 

So it has been a constant and almost unending get-together that I know will slow down once these summer days are gone.  But I also know that, just because this summer will be coming to a close soon, doesn`t mean that these celebrations and all we have gone through these past few months, will be forgotten.  I don`t think any of us could forget these days, even if we wanted to.  

And in a few years, when we`ve all gone our separate ways, to make a life for ourselves beyond the classrooms and the life we have known here, we will always remember one another and think back to this last summer we shared here.