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Published:August 11th, 2008 15:19 EST
Best-selling author, David Weber, wins hearts in Greenville, SC

Best-selling author, David Weber, wins hearts in Greenville, SC

By SOP newswire

"A dream you don`t reach for can never be more than a dream."

                                                                                    David Weber

David Weber


Almost 100 writers and aspiring writers found their way to the library in Greenville, SC to sit at the feet of a master: Best-selling science fiction author, David Weber.  Having done so, they were not disappointed when Weber walked to the podium to share his wisdom and advice.


Of course, David spoke of his life-long love of writing and described how he and co-author Steve White managed to have their first book, "Insurrection," published.  However, perhaps what most touched the hearts of his loyal fans, was Weber`s down-to-earth, everyman quality that pushes him to help advance the dreams of other young writers.


During the more than 3-hour workshop, David provided both technical and practical tricks of the writing trade.  His approach, his audience soon learned, has not always been "by the book."


For example, David was very specific with his advice regarding submission strategy.  Regarding query letters, this world-renowned author would rather see you submit your manuscript in both print and CD to a specific individual working for a specific publisher who specifically publishes your genre.  David`s approach to the world of publishing calls to mind the same delicious imagination he displays in his work-- Weber`s world of publishing is smart as much as it is persistent.


Following his presentation, there were basic questions such as, "How do I become a writer?" to the complex, "How do you write such lovely similes?" and "What college courses will prepare me to be a successful writer?"


David never gave the impression of being rushed or disinterested; rather, he seemed to delight in the opportunity to help young writers find their voice in a world of words.  With the occasional asides from his wife and partner, Sharon, the session resembled a close family getting together to discover new adventures.


Perhaps this passion to help gives insight to Weber`s characters.  "My heroes and heroines are responsibility takers," says Weber,  "all of us want to be strong, want to have the feeling that we will meet our responsibilities." 


Bob Strother, South Carolina Writers` Workshop Chapter Liaison, could not have been more delighted with the event.  "We were not surprised by the large turn-out," Bob said, "David is well-loved and we are honored to present him.  We hope to arrange future workshops and appearances."  Bob added, "We`re very proud of David."


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