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Published:February 12th, 2009 15:14 EST
Juliette Frette`  Thinking outside the box to be all that she can be

Juliette Frette` Thinking outside the box to be all that she can be

By Mimi Amaral

Juliette has the drive, determination and passion to achieve all her aspired goals. Not only has she graduated with a bachelor Degree in Women`s Studies, established herself as an artist, written articles on multiple subjects, she is now a candidate for Playboy`s playmate of the year.

Juliette Frette' Playboy playmate article by Mimi A.

As a student at UCLA, Juliette discovered that there were many interdisciplinary approaches to Women`s Studies. She chose to focus her concentration on History and Mythology/Classics; I enjoy learning through stories more than assimilating pure theory alone! Hence my approach to my book --- an analytical narrative. "

During her studies she had to decide on a thesis topic and when she did she called it, Posing for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective: How Media Images Impact Women`s Empowerment. " Today she is revising and expanding her thesis into a book, It will be a narrative telling of my feminist journey through Playboy beginning with the original experiment encapsulated in my honors thesis: Posing for Playboy from a Feminist Perspective: How Media Images Impact Women`s Empowerment."  Through the expansion of her thesis she will touch on a number of issues: objectification, freedom of choice, pornography, and judgment to list a few.

Juliette`s aspirations did not stop there, however, as her interest in art began to blossom as a young child, as early as age 10, and continued to develop as a young adult, My active painting and drawing ebbed and flowed, it was not until after college that I redirected my focus on painting. And, her writing talents were discovered in high school but were discouraged by the conformity and boundaries that were set forth in the curriculum. It was not until after high school that she realized and nurtured her writing potential, It  was only when I realized that I could have complete control over my own creation did I take a more active interest in constructing effective prose.  At that point, I found it more enjoyable to transfer passion and creativity into my writing. To view Juliette`s art and written articles follow the links below:


Written Articles:

Juliette`s dreams and pursuit toward her aspirations has not stopped. At the moment, she is weighing the pros and cons of a continued education toward a master`s and/or PhD, but has mentioned that she would seek a different major if choosing to return. In the meantime, she continues to construct her book project, and stay opened to what the universe has in store for her.

Juliette has an aspiring road ahead and I`d like to wish her great success wherever her path may lead her.  To keep up with her journey and aspirations feel free to view her website: