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Published:May 23rd, 2009 12:54 EST
Judyth Piazza Introduces Darren Lamontagne, Author of The Pearly Gates

Judyth Piazza Introduces Darren Lamontagne, Author of The Pearly Gates

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

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My name is Darren Lamontagne and  I  was brought into this world in May of 1969, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I enjoy sports and watching movies but I love writing, although I am not a reader. I can`t ever remember finishing an entire novel, so you know my style is going to be unique.

I don`t necessarily write to impress anyone - my words tend to come from the heart. I write fiction/fantasy with a splash of humour, but "emotion" is the true core of my work.

The Pearly Gates

The Crawfords were the ideal happy family until the day a deadly accident claimed the life of Blake and his father, Tim, who both soon found themselves in another dimension before the Gates of Heaven.

On their way towards Salvation, an angel named Sophia came from behind the radiant wall of light only to prevent Tim from entry, while his son was granted access. While Tim learns that he must complete a monumental task before he is to achieve euphoria, his wife Mary, back on earth, battles severe depression and suicidal thoughts after her disastrous loss.

When she discovers that she is pregnant with Tim`s second child, Mary once again finds a purpose to live. Much to her ignorance, Tim checks in on Mary on a daily basis while he awaits further instructions of the deed he needs to complete, which will show him the way to the Everlasting Kingdom. While he anxiously awaits his task, he one day comes across another lost soul who had just been brutally murdered back on earth. Just like Tim, Serena was denied entry to the promise-land.

As the story moves on, Serena`s story gradually unfolds as we learn of the unbelievable events that took place in her life that led to her death. She and her eventual lover Syras (a character even Satan could love) who were both former citizens from a small peaceful planet called Valdohre. They were both illegitimately found guilty for crimes they did not commit. As punishment they were both deported to earth, a planet infested with crime, where they would soon meet and fall in love.

When the story shifts back to Crawford family several years later, Mary`s mentally gifted second son, Doug, discovers he has the ability to contact his father through his dreams. Together, Tim and Doug come to the conclusion that Tim`s task involves putting an end to a deranged madman`s current killing spree, which Doug has viewed front row center, through his horrid dreams since the day the spree began.

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