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Published:August 22nd, 2009 11:20 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Betty Dravis, Co Author of "Dream Reachers"

Judyth Piazza chats with Betty Dravis, Co Author of "Dream Reachers"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


As a young girl in Hamilton, Ohio, Betty Dravis dreamed of one day publishing a novel. After graduation

she moved to California, and now--after raising six children, and a long journalism career--she has finally achieved her goal.

Betty Dravis has three books to her credit, MILLENNIUM BABE: THE PROPHECY, THE TOONIES INVADE SILICON VALLEY, and 1106 GRAND BOULEVARD, short stories in JUST OUR BEST SHORT STORIES 2005, and three popular shorts on Amazon Shorts. " " "

Dravis has written columns, profiles, and feature articles for many California newspapers, including the Sacramento Sporting News, East San Jose Sun, and Milpitas Post. She was editor of the Gilroy News Herald where she also hosted a weekly talk show on Cable TV; society editor and columnist for the Imperial Beach News; editor of the Labor Union Gazette; and founder/publisher of Construction Labor News. During her career she has interviewed Actor Clint Eastwood, Jane Russell, and Dale Robertson; singer/actress Tanya Tucker; United Farmworkers founder Cesar Chavez; and politicians: Senators Ted Kennedy and Alan Cranston, US House Speaker, the late Tip O`Neill, California former Governor Jerry Brown, and the late Mayor Joe Alioto of San Francisco."

The author currently resides in San Jose, California where she is hard at work fine-tuning a horror novel and writing a sequel to TOONIES, titled THE TOONIES INVADE NEW YORK.

"Dream Reachers" is a magical mix of success stories and interviews with people who have dared to stretch to reach for their dreams. From living legends to legends-in-the-making, the subjects of this book let their imaginations soar. Author Betty Dravis shares her experiences as a young journalist when her idols, like Clint Eastwood and Jane Russell, walked right out of the limelight and into her life...for brief, memorable moments. Author Chase Von, a celebrity interviewer and poet, shares his current interviews with high achievers in the arts: acting, writing, painting, photography, music and dance. As these achievers tell you in their own words why they kept stretching to reach their dreams, they enchant the readers with their determination, inspiring them to DREAM BIG. With over forty compelling stories and interviews, this literary work casts new light on what it takes to be a Dream Reacher. These are stories of how even disasters can turn into dreams, challenges into opportunities, with the right attitude of perseverance and determination. Whether you dream of walking the red carpet in Hollywood, taking the Big Apple by storm, having a cottage with a white picket fence " "or all of those pleasures " "this book will inspire you to stretch " to make your dreams come true.

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Pick up your copy of "Dream Reachers", which covers a story about Judyth Piazza as well as many other dream reachers.  :)