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Published:September 21st, 2009 15:32 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Pat Roelle, Author of The Apostate Theory

Judyth Piazza chats with Pat Roelle, Author of The Apostate Theory

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

After graduating from the University of Portland, Oregon in 1965, Patrick began a career in the construction industry. His journey into the world of Islam began twenty years later when he accepted an offer to manage a construction project in Cairo, Egypt. The pen name, Mr. Pat, was a product of his association with his Egyptian counterparts. Mr. is a sign of respect, and Roelle was difficult for them to pronounce.  

Patrick arrived in Cairo with a tourist attitude, but the project called for high level American and Egyptian military clearances that opened doors and conveyed privileges. He spent the next two years working on Egyptian military installations, on the back streets of Cairo, in the remote villages along the Nile, and in the Sinai Desert, places where smart tourists do not tread. Project Egypt, a Politically Incorrect View, is a rewrite of his first work, The Impatient American. It reflects his attempts at assimilation into a world that at the time was beyond his understanding.  

The Terrorist Legacy is also a rewrite of an earlier work, The Foundation for Peace. It is a product of a tour in Nicosia, Cyprus at a time when the Christian-Greek / Muslim-Turkish conflict split the island. Patrick`s travels to neighboring countries introduced him to the geographical / politically charged Muslim countries lining the Mediterranean.  

The leaders of Sudan have embarked on a war of ethnic cleansing. The backdrop of The Terrorist Legacy is a later trip through the stink of Khartoum, Sudan, and then the refugee camps in the Sahara Desert, created during the on-going fifty-year Muslim / Christian conflict, during which entire Christian communities and African villages have been destroyed by roving bands of Janjaweed sponsored by the Islamic governments.  

Muslims are not a race of people. Islam is composed of a wide range of ethnic groups who belong to a medieval cult and practice a brutal religion. Patrick has lectured to some and listened to others. Most Americans, as well as the most popular conservative talk show hosts have scant knowledge of the subject of Islam. The conservative hosts were pleasant, but often skeptical.  

American Muslim communities and misguided, politically correct liberal hosts take a dim view of Patrick`s opinions. Islam-Fascist appears to be a favorite term, but when a talk show host from Canada added racist to the tirade, Fear God and the Shadow of the Muslim Sword was born. Although discounted by critics who are unfamiliar with the subject matter in their politically correct world, it is a well researched document that gives a rational explanation of the religion of Islam in the 21st century. It also accurately describes the Muslim agenda. After a while it became a redundant exercise but 200 footnotes referencing Islamic authors, the Qur`an and hadith concerning the life of Muhammad justify the work.   

Patrick`s most recent book, The Apostate Theory, was born when it became apparent a Muslim apostate would be elected to the most powerful office on this planet. The reality caused Patrick to reflect on a project in Peshawar, Pakistan and a trip into the refugee camps along the border with Afghanistan. His visits to tribal regions where he took the picture that is on the front cover of The Terrorist Legacy brought him face to face with the reality of the ancient Islamic way of life. Patrick`s travels also took him to Khartoum, Sudan where a pile of rocks, encrusted in centuries of blood, wait for the next woman stoning victim. Later, Patrick`s visit to Jeddah where hordes of Muslim pilgrims arrive on their journey to Mecca followed by a trip to Nassau in the Bahamas rounds out the geography.  

Christians Under Siege (October 2009) is a response to Barrack Obama`s statement to the Muslim world that America is not a Christian Nations. " 

Patrick believes that, Anti-God / morality of choice / whatever feels good do it " advocates may find support with Barrack Obama, and judges in America`s judicial system who legislate from the bench based on personal agenda rather than interrupting our constitution based on the intent of the founding fathers, but there can be no sensible argument made in opposition. America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. While America has always welcomed individuals of diverse faiths and no faith, we have never ceased to be a Judeo-Christian nation. A minority backed by a misguided, morally corrupt, politically correct judicial system and Congress may remove references of faith from every building and document across our nation, and Barrack Obama may re-embrace his anti-Christ Islamic roots, but it would not change the fact that the society of America was designed on Judeo-Christian principles. These beliefs are interwoven into the fabric of freedom and liberty which our nation has been built on. To destroy one is to destroy the other. 

Patrick`s  international career ended at a remote border crossing in Botswana, Africa when he came face to face with losing the freedom and the way of life he enjoyed under the banner of the Stars and Stripes. There is more to the story, perhaps another book someday, but the fact is simple. Patrick tore a ten pula note, equal to three U.S. dollars, in half, but it had the picture of the President of Botswana on it. Patrick was thrown in jail, transferred to prison, tried, convicted, fined and later deported for insulting the President of Botswana. When asked about the incident, Patrick`s response is, I have often reflected on what would have happened if I had burned their flag, or called their president a Nazi. 

Patrick lives in a coastal community of Florida. He has four children, seven grandchildren and his constant companion, Brandy, a Yellow Labrador who shares the space beneath his desk. He continues to research Islam and the Muslim ummah (family).


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