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Published:June 18th, 2010 21:49 EST
James L. Avery Says He Knows Who Killed Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman

James L. Avery Says He Knows Who Killed Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I lived in northern California (Vacaville) during the time of the homicides and the trials. My activity as a seer involved offering the truth to both of Mr. Simpson`s lead defense attorneys, before and during the trials. I have offered the information to the FBI which led to an investigation and Mr. Fuhrman becoming a federal informant. Mr. Fuhrman gave all of the names of the conspirators to the FBI, so he is persona non grata with many people. 

Mr. Simpson was a federal informant for much longer and that status was used against him from offering the truth about his innocence. Mr. Simpson received about $20 million under the table (no taxes paid) after he received three chapters of a novel I sent to him. Later, Mr. Simpson had someone hack into my computer and copy the narrative. He wrote "If I Did It" based on the information from that narrative. He received a $5 million advance from my novel.  

Isn`t that special. He included information that made him seem to be the killer because it was information only one as me and those involved would know. Mr. Simpson violated the terms of his bail in Las Vegas to transfer his money out of an offshore account. His attorneys have control of that money and Mr. Simpson is never leaving prison.  I was given the image of a profile drawing to remember. That profile drawing is on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle-Examiner during the Polly Klaas homicide (homicide victim) investigation.  

If you were to access that profile, you would see an image of Mr. Fuhrman. I was spiritually given to remember that profile drawing. It is an exact image of Mr. Furhman with a beard, at the time. I eliminated all the evidence issues against Mr. Simpson from guilt. I was spiritually given the truth about all of the evidence issues. Therefore, I know who, how and why Ms. Nicole Brown-Simpson and Mr. Ronald Goldman became victims of homicide. I have offered the truth to every level of the media and law enforcement for the last sixteen years. My novel "The Blood Factor" is a platform for me to offer the truth to everyone about the homicides in a fiction format. There is also spiritual knowledge offered in the novel about issues of our time including the "The Theory of Evolution verses the Genesis in the Holy Bible.  

My effort is spiritually based with ever increasing faith and belief in God. Only God can call a seer to do His will. I did not volunteer or ask to be in this calling. I was chosen. Initially, I did not care about any of the issues or the involved people, but God changed that about me. There is no one that can tell the truth better than me about the issues. It is my responsibility to offer the truth in my lifetime. I have had numerous attempts against my life and I expect that to occur again. Information about me is easy to obtain, so I choose not to hide.  

I do not offer a photograph of me because it is more about everyone having knowledge of the truth than knowledge of me and or my appearance. Incidentally, the secretaries for Mr. Robert Shapiro and Mr. Johnnie L Cochran are witnesses to my effort of offering the truth to those attorneys by fax. I would hope they would not lie, but there are phone records as evidence of my efforts. Film footage of the trial is the best to compare the truth I offer. I know there are efforts to change the context of any evidence photograph on the Internet. `And the electronic media has been warned to be quiet and ignore any information received from me. E-mails have been sent to almost every major newspaper in the country, so I believe in most instances, they don`t want to know the truth.  

I am selfless about the issues. There is nothing God does that does not offer reason to believe in Him. At some point, those that do believe my efforts are not from the power of God in Jesus will have to believe that I am more intelligent about the issues than the experts and that I am more honest. Believe me, all of my efforts are from power of God in Jesus Christ as a spiritual gift as described in the twelfth chapter of I Corinthians. 

 Most of the homicides I am called to offer the truth are broadening based conspiracies whereby the truth is not an intention to know, i.e. Michael Jackson, Natalee Holloway. They are homicide victims. I have been offering the truth and just recently I sent an e-mail to a newspaper in Alabama about evidence issues involving Ms. Holloway. I asked them to offer the e-mail to the victim`s mother.  

I was spiritually given that she was buried at a construction site and is entombed in concrete. I have asked others to offer the truth, but most people only care in front of the video cameras as it is involving conspiracy homicides. All film at all of these homicides to prove guilt have been destroyed to prevent justice. Even the Mr. Fuhrman having ice cream at Baskin Robbins while rushing for the opportunity to kill Ms. Nicole Brown-Simpson. His children know Mr. Fuhrman killed her. Mr. Fuhrman had a s(e)xual affair with Ms. Nicole Brown-Simpson. The relationship began after New Year`s Day domestic violence between Mr. Simpson and Ms. Nicole Brown-Simpson. I guess all of you might have an idea what is like when someone has been threatening to kill you for over a month and arrives to your home to commit the homicides and there is no one to call for protection.  Of all the attorneys, I have e-mailed, none of them offered the truth to Mr. Goldman.

The closest I achieved to Mr. Goldman is Mr. Peter Haven, an attorney on the board of directors for the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice. Police officers killed Mr. Goldman`s son and I believe he is aware and choose to have Mr. Simpson than have the same emotions against Mr. Fuhrman. A high percentage of police officers love Mr. Fuhrman and hate Mr. Simpson. I believe Mr. Goldman does not want that kind of hate aimed at him so he is comfortable to fill his hatred with O. J. Simpson as the target of his affection.  

I also believe Mr. Goldman favors to chase Mr. Simpson`s assets than to sue the Los Angeles of a wrongful death of his son.


James L. Avery, a seer with spiritual power of discernment, has actively offered the truth for more than 16 years about issues of the double homicides of Ms. Nicole Brown-Simpson and Mr. Ron Goldman. Mr. Avery has authored all of the truth in a fictional format since this format is the only avenue available to offer the truth about the homicides at this time. Mr. Avery lived in northern California during the occurrence of the homicides and criminal/civil trials involving those homicides. Mr. Avery also has truths about issues surrounding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the death of Michael Jackson.