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Published:June 1st, 2008 23:29 EST
An Interview with Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller , Co-Authors of Gravitational Marketing

An Interview with Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller , Co-Authors of Gravitational Marketing

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

This one time at band camp (seriously) ?on a steamy August day in Central Florida a relationship was forged that started a chain reaction which to this day leaves success in its wake.

It was 1995. The location, the University of Central Florida,  we were both college students and at that very moment we were sweating our asses off " looking at each other and asking, Why did we sign up for this? ?

I was cavalier; loud and stuck-out-like-a-sore-thumb and Travis was a sarcastic, master-of-the-universe-type. Needless to say, we just clicked!

It didn`t take too much time sweating-it-out-in-the-sun before we made a pact to never do that again.

The End Of Band Camp And The Beginning Of Big Ideas

We always talked about success and what "hitting it big" would mean for us. We believed that on the other side of the pearly-gates-of-higher-education lay the land-of-milk-and-honey and million dollar pay checks.

We were both from middle class families, with parents who busted their butts for everything they had. We had average lifestyles but knew we were destined for greatness and college seemed like the logical place for us to find it. Boy, were we ever wrong.

How Complex Equations Led Us To Marketing

I was a pre-med major studying to be an optometrist and Travis was trying his luck at an engineering degree.

Then it hit us ?Calculus!

It kicked both our butts and sent us reeling for a new choice of major. We needed to find something else to study and we knew it wasn`t going to have anything to do with complex equations.

Being naturally creative and a little off-beat, advertising seemed like a good fit (and easy to be quite honest).

Later that first year, Travis` parents moved away leaving him behind in Orlando to finish college.

Man, he was poor and had no cash. He couldn`t even pay attention.

He couldn`t hold a job either. You see...Travis has a nonconforming attitude and unconventional thoughts about the way business should work and an insatiable need to make sure the establishment knew he was right.

At the time, I had a 2 bedroom apartment that I was sharing with 3 other people. Figuring I could save on rent and expenses, I set my old friend up in the dining room of the apartment.

We had 5 people living in 1100 square feet. College life was tough. We had no money, no amenities and an apartment full of chaos. One time we had a roommate spray an industrial-sized can of pepper spray at her boyfriend INSIDE THE APARTMENT!! We had holes punched in the walls, windows broken weekly and the only furniture we had in the whole place was a couch that a friend`s dad had died on. No joke.

We wanted more and we wanted it FAST.

The So-Called Experts Are Full Of Crap

We worked hard to finish college fast and graduated into what we believed to be the real world of advertising and marketing.
We both ended up interning at radio stations our final year in college. Travis became the copy-king at the station he interned for. All the sales people would come to him to have their ads written because he was the most creative person in the building. 

I had created a 7 page, non-traditional resume with an advertorial as a cover letter. Everyone told me that my resume was a joke and that I`d never get a job (it`s only supposed to be one page according to the know-it-alls at the college.) Before I even graduated, that 7 page resume landed me a job as the assistant to the Vice President at a Direct Response Advertising Agency.

After graduation, Travis began selling for the station he was interning for. Later, I recruited Travis over to the agency and rescued him from the world of radio sales but not before he gained some highly valuable skills in direct selling.

Degrees Don`t Make You Money

One night we met for a few beers and faced the reality that our studies in college had not prepared us for real the real world of marketing and money making.

It was a come-to-Jesus right there. We realized that we had spent several years diligently studying a subject, only to finish and find out we had learned nothing usable in the real, down-and-dirty world of entrepreneurship and small business!

Plus, we had gotten ourselves tens-of-thousands-of-dollars in debt! We learned the hard way that traditional education was a farce. At least for us.

But we still didn`t have our fill. While working at the agency, we decided to go to graduate school. We thought that this might give us a better handle on what was real and what was fiction.

$25,000 plus dollars and two wasted years later, we each gained another framed diploma and an education lacking any REAL MEAT we could use to make our in-the-trenches clients money with effective advertising and marketing.

We kept trying and kept stumbling...struggling to make something happen.

How A Twist Of Fate Gave Us A Million Dollar Idea

One day, as fate would have it, being the new guys, we were assigned to a list of accounts that nobody else in the agency wanted.

In fact, all of the accounts were car dealers and they all sold the same brand of car, which happened to be perceived as the worst car in America. Nobody wanted these things!

  • How can you sell the worst car in America? ?
  • Who would ever want to buy the worst car in America? ?
  • Why are we stuck with these accounts? ?

These questions plagued us for months as we stared at the walls dreaming up new reasons for people to buy these cars and new ways for our clients to sell them. 

Then It Happened ?All At Once. Eureka!

After listening and learning from the more seasoned people in the agency. We came up with a formula that worked.

?and man, did it work. And then some.

Success started slowly, but rapidly gained steam as other dealers across the country started taking notice of the success our dealers were having.  Our list of success stories got longer and longer by the day.

We continued pouring ourselves into our work, plunging deeper and deeper, constantly striving to better understand the essence of the formula, the message, the media, the offer and the target.

We began seeing the patterns of continued successes and repeated failures and were able to increase the frequency of success and virtually eliminate failure.

We Had Created A System, A Monster, A Machine And We Were Cranking Out New Millionaires Month After Month.

We helped one dealer in Ohio transform a starving group of salesmen working in a little, burnt-out Chinese restaurant into a $500,000 per month business " selling more vehicles than anyone in their region.

We helped another dealer in a small, dusty town in Central Texas turn his ailing, sleepy business which was selling just 4 cars a month into a mega-success virtually overnight.

In just 60 days that same dealer sold 101 new cars and over 100 used cars.

This formula continued cranking out millionaires, converting middle-class used car dealers with a failing new car franchise into near-celebrities within the industry.

And it worked across the country " from Mississippi towns that aren`t even printed on maps to the biggest cities in the country, this machine was like a money press on steroids and it just couldn`t be stopped.

We continued like this for several years. We had finally found what it took to make advertising work. During this time we took 11 different entrepreneurs and made them millionaires in 90 days or less.

The Problem With The Whole Thing

Our smarts, our systems and our hard work were making everyone around us rich. Well, everyone that is but us. We wanted more. We wanted to use this system for ourselves and use it to help other businesses and entrepreneurs as well.  

But there was a glitch in the system. The success formula was very expensive. It required a very large monthly investment. Without a big commitment and a big risk, it failed almost every time.

Plus, we had made a system work for the dealers to bring in tons of leads without lifting a finger, but our own agency was still knocking on doors, cold prospecting and doing ineffective, time consuming, annoying manual sales labor. Because even they weren`t willing to play the high-dollar-advertising game or really embrace what the system we were formulating.

We had automated the process for the businesses with big dollars to spend, but what about companies that didn`t have the big money to invest in marketing right off the bat ?were they doomed to spend their days begging for business the old fashioned way, just scrimping by with the scraps they could drum up manually, ultimately leaving little time left to service customers and close deals?

We needed to find a way for smaller businesses to be successful. Small businesses and entrepreneurs like our parents. The ones that really needed help and didn`t know where to turn for help.

They needed a simple, automatic, turn-key system that could produce a stampede of highly qualified leads day after day, week after week, all screaming "Sign me up!" Putting an end to awful cold prospecting and ancient, ineffective manual sales techniques that should have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Finally, We Had Enough And Blew The Hatch
And We Did It For You

Enough was enough. We had a mission and dream and we had to go for it. It was like a Jerry Maguire moment. It was scary but we walked right out the door, leaving a long list of shocked clients behind (and our two secure six figure paychecks).

We set out to solve the problems of small business owners and entrepreneurs...all by ourselves.

Our quest was to take our knowledge and fuse it with the secrets of high-impact, high ROI marketing systems. This was how small businesses would be able to earn HUGE profits without huge budgets and tons marketing waste.

We became masters of the art. Then we went back and merged all of this new, powerful information, with our atom-bomb strategies we created at the old agency.

What emerged was a complete system for entrepreneurs, small businesses and sales professionals who didn`t have financial support from a huge company. A system that allows you to create a constant stream of quality prospects that ring your phone off the hook, flood your fax machine and explode your email box with inquiries.

We called this system Gravitational Marketing because it harnessed the natural pulling power that every business possesses and amplified it to create a field of energy (momentum) that attracted exactly the right group of prospects and customers without wasting tons of money.

It positions you as the only logical choice to do business with in your market and causes people to seek you out instead of you chasing them.

Gravitational Marketing allows you to naturally attract customers and prospects who eagerly want to do business with you, gladly spend more on you even when your competition is cheaper and creates a powerful relationship so you keep them for life and they refer like crazy.

Ultimately making your business and your life ESP ?Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous.

Weddings, $200 Dollars And The Harsh Reality

Yes, we learned a lot while working our cushy, six figure, executive jobs at a hundred million dollar ad agency.

But we had jumped ship to start our own company and live our dream and it wasn`t all a bed of roses.

We left the security of our jobs and made the leap to entrepreneurship but we didn`t have a stash of high paying clients to bankroll our new endeavor.

Oh no. The only thing we took away from our agency was our experiences, knowledge and a legally-binding, rock-solid non-compete agreement.

We did the honorable thing and made a pact to ourselves not to "borrow" clients from our previous employer or to violate our non-compete and enter the market as a competing agency. By the way, this is how most people do it in the agency business and it would have been the easy thing to do to get up and running fast.

Here`s what happened next. We went down to the bank and opened our business checking account. We didn`t have a lot of money, so we each wrote a check for $100 out of our personal accounts and started the company on that meager investment. The bank had a $30 fee so we were already losing money. We bought a speaker phone and a used an old laptop computer we had got from our Masters Program (at least something good came out of all that schooling).

To make things worse, we both had plans in full swing to get married that year and had honeymoons booked in advance. Our soon-to-be-wives thought we were crazy!! They agreed to marry successful business men with comfortable incomes and now they were getting hitched to jobless, bootstrappers with $200 bucks in the bank and a wild-eyed dream.

Things Didn`t Go Exactly As Planned And Then ?It`s A Girl!

We did have a plan but encountered many setbacks along the way. We had cash flow issues and didn`t know what to do or where to turn.

Our first product launch didn`t take off as fast as we had anticipated and we foolishly ended up scrapping the project and trying something else and something else and something else.

What happened next was unimaginable. Travis found out he was going to have a baby and not long after, I found out my wife was pregnant too!  Two babies, no business and a mountain of obstacles. That didn`t seem like a rosy picture.

This is the point when most people would throw in the towel. We didn`t. We said this is it. It`s do or die. Make it or break it. Gun to the head entrepreneurship. We had to do something and do it fast. We wanted our wives to be stay-at-home-moms (what a joke that was at the time). We set a new goal then went to work.

How A Frank Conversation Over A Turkey Wrap Made Our Business An Overnight Success And Dramatically Changed Our Lives Forever

Fate was on our side and the Law Of Attraction was at work on the day we decide to go to a marketing seminar in Atlanta, Georgia.

The seminar was free, which was good because we couldn`t afford to spend much money. Although, we would have invested in our future if we had to. We were that committed to our own success. We drove up and stayed at a friend`s house to cut expenses as much as possible.

We made several decisions and had many revelations that weekend. It was our catalyst to greatness.

1. We made a daring move and an unbreakable commitment to each other to stand out at the event and our risk paid off. We got noticed and it taught us a big lesson.  
2. We met a man who became a mentor, friend and partner and we invested in his ongoing support.
3. We made a shocking discovery during a frank conversation over a turkey wrap that shook the entire foundation of the way we viewed our business and success up to that point.

We had a decent consulting business going. We were making ends meet. But it wasn`t enough. We had babies on the way and a goal to exceed.

We knew we had a lot to offer. We knew we had the skills, tools, knowledge and work ethic to be ultra successful and make millions of dollars (maybe billions if we play our cards right). But we weren`t able to leverage our talents. We couldn`t figure out how to stop trading time for dollars and take the big leap from ordinary to extraordinary.

Hang on a minute. That was it. We looked at each other straight in the eye and said, "How can we expect to make big money and really be successful if we don`t have anything to leverage but our time, ourselves?"

We knew right then, we had to create products to share our knowledge and system with others and to leverage our expertise rather than our time. We needed ways to help more people and do it faster.

The next month was a blur. We returned home with a renewed excitement and a fire like never before and what we accomplished in the next six weeks was just shy of amazing.

How Two Men And A Microphone Revolutionized And Revitalized An Entire Industry

We took everything we knew. Outlined our entire system and hit the record button. We told others about what we learned from the agency and after. We exposed what we uncovered during hundreds of hours of research of high impact, high ROI marketing and how to use these strategies, tools, techniques in their own business.

We wrote a book in just 72 hours and self-published it. We wrote articles for national trade magazines and got them published too. We got invited by the national association to consult with them. We wrote and submitted press releases and got free press in local newspapers and national online publications. Everything exploded and we made more money in one month then we had previously made all year.

Everything began to snowball from there.

How We`ve Used Our Own System To Make Millions

Because of the success of our system, we constantly get invitations from people to help them with their businesses and often times for partial ownership or a revenue share. We don`t normally take these deals unless they are a aligned with our personal beliefs and goals.

Now, we have the luxury to be "choosy." We take the kind of business we want to take and only on our terms. We`ve passed up very lucrative deals involving gambling and online ventures because they just don`t match our world view. We teach our clients to do the same.

Recently, harnessing the powerful principles of Gravitational Marketing we created a multi-million dollar coaching and consulting business in less then six months with zero up front capital and completely from scratch.

The Gift We Give

Today, we spend our days coaching and consulting entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent sales professionals who don`t have a ton of money to waste each month on marketing that doesn`t work. Who want to attract business instead of chasing it. Who want to keep their business growing not just going. Who want to spend more time with their family, friends doing the things they love to do. Who want a business and life that`s ESP...Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous. 

We do this via several levels of relationships:

1. We provide a ton of free information (e-books, email courses, audio books, / a blog, etc) to help anyone who has the desire to learn.
2. We write and publish a monthly printed newsletter called, The Newton Network.
3. We speak to groups of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals on platforms across the country about how they can use Gravitational Marketing in their businesses.
4. We offer Gravitational Marketing training resources and consulting to millions of people world wide via our web site, books and teleseminars and live events.
5. We work with a very limited number of clients on a two-on-one basis, providing specific assistance in creating high-ROI, Gravitational Marketing systems, tactics and copywriting services.

Our passion is to help small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and independent sales professionals make their lives and their businesses ESP...Enjoyable, Simple, and Prosperous.

To reap this ultimate reward for yourself, start with the information at It will lead you as far as you would like to go.

The Book!

Our mission is taking hold. We are spreading the word even further with our book, Gravitational Marketing: The Science Of Attracting Customers (John Wiley and Sons) available in bookstores nationwide and on

Gravitational Marketing: The Science Of Attracting Customers reveals the attraction secrets we learned throughout our careers, spending $96 million dollars in marketing and generating over $1w billion in revenues for ourselves and our clients.

We pull back the curtain and reveal the exact methods we used to take 11 hapless entrepreneurs to super-stardom, local celebrity and millionaire status in 90 days. This is the road map that so many entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and sales professionals begged us for and that we wished we had when we started out on our own.

Now it is finally available for everyone who wants it. It is a labor of love paved with good times and bad. We hope it helps anyone and everyone who finds it.

Our goal is to get this book in as many people`s hands as possible. We want to help all the business owners who are lost, struggling or ready to rock and roll.

We know you can`t help those who don`t want to help themselves, but we want to do our part and give back to the world. We also want to give the readers of this book the resources we struggled so hard to find. The resources that make the road to success easier.


Learn more about the book at

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