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Published:June 2nd, 2008 13:40 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Brad Milne, Co-founder of Branded Raw Films about Izzy Legit

Judyth Piazza chats with Brad Milne, Co-founder of Branded Raw Films about Izzy Legit

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
Judyth Piazza and Brad

Henry Ward Beecher said every good artist must "dip his brush in his own soul." It is because of actor Brad Milne`s ability to draw on his vivid imagination and personal experience to shape complex, interesting characters that he experienced immediate success and has been in more than 140 projects: film, television, theatre, commercials, infomercials, industrials, and webisodes. Acting was an obvious choice for the introspective, extroverted Milne, who began his acting career in Toronto in 1991 where he studied acting with a variety of top U.S. and Canadian coaches for five intensive years. During those early years he worked consistently doing commercials, industrials, TV episodics, and feature films. Brad resides in Los Angeles.
On the acting front, Brad just played the Art Auctioneer for Princes Cruises on board TV Network. Just prior to that he played, Robert Hums, a lead in Discovery Channel`s upcoming special I Didn`t Know I Was Pregnant, premiering June 8 at 8 PM EST on Discovery Health. He is currently leading the cast of the The Izzy Legit Story as Isadore (Izzy) Mendelov the lovable inexorably cheap guy that constantly gets into trouble. Brad played Dr. Chushfeld, the maniacal mastermind behind the chaos in Sony`s Zombie Strippers ?, which opened in select theatres nationwide in April. Reviewers are saying "writer-director Jay Lee delivers absolutely everything you could possibly hope for in a film called Zombie Strippers." - Luke Y. Thompson, SF Weekly, and that " the film is Joyfully ridiculous, action packed, sickly brilliant and twistedly clever, you get your money`s worth with Zombie Strippers." - Fred Topel, Prior roles are the psychological thriller REM with Big Brain Pictures in Phoenix, playing the role of Kemeo, a twisted, edgy guy, and quirky bounty hunter / action hero Demon Jones in Dead in the Head. In his first Production HQ feature The Slaughter he plays Carl Stevens, a greedy real estate speculator. The Slaughter received awards at many festivals including Best Picture, Rhode Island Film Festival 2006, 2nd Best Picture, Salem Independent Film Festival 2006, Bronze Audience Award, Another Hole In The Head Film Festival 2006, and is released by Lionsgate on Video.
Brad is a co-founder of Branded Raw Films currently developing IZZYLEGIT an integrated multiplatform entertainment package, cross marketed through its mockumentary series, feature films, and online community. The project is complimented by multipurpose downloadable web content, contests, events, and branded merchandising. Branded Raw has the same integrated game plan in the works for The Extermutator.
In 1997, he pursued the acting career in L.A. and drawn by family needs in 1999, he moved to Texas to raise his daughter. While in Texas, he continued acting, landing critically acclaimed leading theatre roles in Dinner With Friends, (Gabe) for which he received the ATAC Globe Award for Excellence Lead Actor Drama, The Hairy Ape (Yank), Angels In America (Louis), Dark Horse Pale Rider (Cristobal), Of Mice & Men (George), and The Laramie Project (multiple characters) which received the ATAC Globe Award for Excellence Best Production Drama. Brad also worked on TV projects, industrials, commercials, and worked as an acting coach, with a client base of more than 200 students.

In March 2005, he returned to L.A. and has been busy with over 45 projects since June 2005, ranging from features films, to one hour TV special, TV pilot presentations, commercials, infomercials, webisodes, and industrials. Brad also continues actor coaching privately and with his summer boot-camps.

Dr. Chushfeld in Zombie Strippers:

Discovery Health "I Didn`t Know I Was Pregnant"

I Didn`t Know I Was Pregnant ?
Jun 08, 8:00 pm EST
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