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Published:July 2nd, 2008 13:59 EST
Judyth Piazza Interviews Andre van Heerden Cloud Ten Pictures

Judyth Piazza Interviews Andre van Heerden Cloud Ten Pictures

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
Judyth Piazza's AP


Cloud Ten Pictures came about through the hopes and dreams of two brothers from North Bay Ontario. Peter and Paul Lalonde always wanted to make an impact and make a difference by spreading the Gospel message and they always thought big. From humble beginnings of printing The Omega Newsletter in their basement, to producing and hosting a weekly news-format TV show called This Week in Bible Prophecy, to producing ever-increasingly popular documentaries (Startling Proofs, Last Days) to finally feature film production, the Lalonde Brothers always blazed their own path.

The National Post called Cloud Ten Pictures "one of the most successful indie-studios in the English speaking world." A feature in Forbes pointed out that "S[e]x and Violence aren`t the only way to sell a movie. Peter and Paul Lalonde are making money on flicks with Christian themes." The Hollywood Reporter labeled Cloud Ten as "Genre Kings." Cloud Ten Pictures is indeed the leading player within the Christian-themed movie world.

Cloud Ten Pictures has a long-term, highly profitable track record, no debt, and a proven management team that is passionate about producing inspirational Christian films. Through over a decade of both critical and popular success, Cloud Ten Pictures has become a known and trusted filmmaking brand name.

Beginning with the low-budget but highly popular and successful APOCALYPSE (1998), Cloud Ten continued with a string of best-sellers. REVELATION (1999) starring Jeff Fahey, Nick Mancuso and supermodel, Carol Alt was on the best-seller lists for over two years and led the way in revolutionizing the faith-based film genre. The sequel, TRIBULATION (2000) starring Academy Award Nominee Gary Busey, Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN) and comedian Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal) also did well which led to another sequel.

JUDGMENT (2001) a courtroom thriller starring L.A Law`s Corbin Bernsen, the `A Team`s ` Mr. T and ARMAGEDDON`s Jessica Steen made waves in March 2001 when it reached #7 on the Billboard Sales Charts right behind the Oscar-winning film GLADIATOR. In a departure from this end-times material Cloud Ten was able to attract brat-pack star Judd Nelson (BREAKFAST CLUB) and Academy  Award Winner Lou Gossett, Jr. to the Sci-Fi thriller DECEIVED (2002).

The success and quality of these pictures led to and aided the boundary-breaking success of LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE (2000) starring Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson (ALWAYS). It was the best-selling independent video of 2000 and has currently sold over 5 million copies. LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE also had a theatrical release in 2001 (4 months after being out on video) and still pulled in $4.2 Million at the box office from about 820 screens. Cloud Ten Pictures followed this success with the sequel, LEFT BEHIND II: TRIBULATION FORCE (2002) which has sold close to 2 million copies and continues to sell well. Sony Pictures saw the enduring value and long shelf-life of Cloud Ten`s library titles and became their distributor in August of 2003. Sony also signed on to fully finance and distribute a third LEFT BEHIND film. LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR (2005) stars the returning cast from the other films plus Academy� Award winner Lou Gossett Jr. and generated national coverage by opening on over 3,200 church screens. It has sold around 1 million units in under a year.

Cloud Ten Pictures has generated a lot publicity and success in the filmmaking world over the past decade. At the core of every one of Cloud Ten`s feature films - from their development, to their production, through to their distribution and even marketing and advertising, have been three key people. Peter and Paul Lalonde as the driving forces behind everything to do with Cloud Ten, and Andre van Heerden in all aspects of Cloud Ten`s productions.

"The Fabulous Lalonde Brothers" (GQ Magazine) Peter and Paul Lalonde founded Cloud Ten in 1996 but have worked together in the Christian community for almost 20 years. As writers and Executive producers, Peter and Paul Lalonde established themselves with the successful and popular features: REVELATION, TRIBULATION, JUDGMENT, DECEIVED and the LEFT BEHIND movies. Their expertise and fame have come from proving time and again that they know how to stand-out from the crowd and how to be successful. From the video-first, theatrical-second release of LEFT BEHIND: THE MOVIE to the "Church Theatrical Release" on over 3,200 screens for LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR the Lalondes have ably demonstrated why they have been nominated for the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Canada`s 50 Best Managed Companies" and "Canada`s Outstanding CEO of the Year "awards.

With key contacts within both the Christian and Hollywood communities, as well as media outlets, distributors and the consumers themselves, Peter and Paul Lalonde have branded Cloud Ten Pictures as the most trusted and leading source of faith-based filmed entertainment in America.

André van Heerden - CEO, Producer, Director

André van Heerden has been working in practically every aspect of film and video production for over 15 years. His very first documentary, done as a video thesis at Carleton University`s prestigious Journalism school, was sold to the National Film Board of Canada.

Since then he has produced, written, directed, and post-supervised numerous documentaries, dozens of TV programs, and countless numbers of commercials, trailers, infomercials, and special features. Most notably he directed the feature films,REVELATION, TRIBULATION, JUDGMENT and DECEIVED;wrote the features JUDGMENT and LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR;co-produced LEFT BEHIND:THE MOVIE and LEFT BEHIND II: TRIBULTION FORCE and produced LEFT BEHIND: WORLD AT WAR.

He is widely respected and liked by the cast and crews that he works with and has become one of the most well-known and accomplished filmmakers within the Christian film market.