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Published:July 9th, 2008 10:16 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Steven Lewis, Martial Arts Expert

Judyth Piazza chats with Steven Lewis, Martial Arts Expert

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

I`m Steven Lewis, founder and published author of the book, Focusing On Your Dreams.  I retired a three-time World Karate Champion sanctioned by the North American Association of Martial Arts in 1982. I`ve made several television appearances and newscasts based on my own style of Martial Arts: Jit-Su-Do. I`ve been under contract as well with several cities teaching my style, which is a combination of seven different styles.

In 1982 I taught a rape prevention course in New Mexico at the Academy of Martial Arts, ? teaching women deadly techniques to protect them against crime. I also taught the same course in 1991 at Fullerton College. I`ve owned and operated my Karate studio for over fifteen years. I`ve studied Martial Arts for thirty-five years; my training has been extensive. My techniques are effective and to the point. My motive and goal is reaching out and helping women, men, boys and girls, teaching them to protect themselves against rapists, abuse, abduction and any form of harm.

I feel very strongly about this cause, which is in extremely high demand; unfortunately, nothing has been done to stop it until now. My passion and deep desire is to reduce the number of rapes that take place every minute, every day. I feel my DVD`s will do just that. My techniques are proven and deadly. My goal is to build strong confidence in women without allowing their self-esteem to be broken by becoming the next victim. My desire has always been helping others achieve their dreams.

I believe my DVD`s and other products, including my latest book, will provide peace and confidence within you

This is a self-defense DVD that will teach you how to avoid becoming a victim by using my deadly techniques that are proven to be very affective.

Rape is a serious crime and I`m just as serious about stopping it. Don`t become a victim: it`s time for women to fight back. I`ve trained women since 1982 teaching these techniques that should only be used for self-defense.

I strongly recommend this DVD if you`re serious about protecting yourself and you`re family against crime. Don`t become a victim; it`s time to break crime against women. Don`t allow anyone to lower or take your self-esteem; instead build strong confidence within yourself knowing you can defend yourself against rape and abuse.

I have total confidence in my ability and my style, the question is you ready to defend yourself? If so your cost for a life time of confidence is only $29.95 along with knowing you`re in total control of your outcome and not the rapist, join the champ in breaking crime against women.

To veiw or order your DVD please go to or call 949-715-9920 0r 949-742-4996.