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Published:July 16th, 2008 12:53 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Karl Marsh, Omaha Steaks' Executive and Research Chef

Judyth Piazza chats with Karl Marsh, Omaha Steaks' Executive and Research Chef

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Karl is Omaha Steaks` Executive and Research Chef. A graduate of the Century School of Culinary Arts in San Diego, California, Karl has worked as a professional chef for more than 23 years. His responsibilities at Omaha Steaks include new product development and testing, quality assurance, and recipe development.  Karl`s award-winning creativity in the kitchen has inspired him to develop many interesting and innovative recipes that feature mouth-watering Omaha Steaks products.


When you work at a trade for 91 years, you`re bound to pick up a trick or two.  For the first time, grillmasters at Omaha Steaks are sharing some of their most unique secrets in Omaha Steaks` The Great American Grilling Book, available now nationwide. 

Among its savory recipes, timing and temperature guide and list of essential grilling accessories, this ultimate grilling book reveals some of the best-kept Chef`s Tips of all time.  These grilling secrets will have everyone eating them up ? this season! 

Omaha Steaks` The Great American Grilling Book`s Five Most Coveted Chef`s Tips: 

Herb infused flavor:

Place water-soaked bunches of fresh or dried herbs on the grill fire to infuse your meat with the essence of rosemary, thyme, sage and other spices.   

Killer kabobs:

Substitute rosemary stems for traditional bamboo or metal skewers to add flavor and creativity.  Herb and wine-flavored skewers can also be found ready made. 

Basting beauties:

Basting foods on the grill is much easier with a silicone brush.  Unlike standard basting brushes, silicon won`t melt when it comes into contact with heat up to 500Ëš F.   

Cheese, please!

When stuffing a burger, place the cheese directly in the center of the burger and make sure it is completely sealed inside of the ground meat.  Any gaps in the patty will cause the cheese to ooze onto your grill. 

Wild delights:

Grilling brings out the earthy goodness of wild mushrooms (and other healthy vegetables!)  For best results, toss your veggies in a little olive oil and seasoning.  Grill them on a perforated grilling pan or in a vegetable basket. 

Omaha Steaks` The Great American Grilling Book published May 20 and retails for $24.95 U.S./ 27.95 Canada.