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Published:September 24th, 2008 15:44 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Ron Aberdeen about B Movie Celebration and Blood Moon

Judyth Piazza chats with Ron Aberdeen about B Movie Celebration and Blood Moon

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Ron Aberdeen started writing screenplays in March 2005 and posting them on the InkTip website.

By July of that year, he received his first commission to pen a feature script for David DeCoteau, an established Director/Producer, after he read two of Ron`s screenplays on InkTip. David commented, You have a sharp style and an unusual ability to mix humour with horror.

In December 05, Simon Foster of Covent Garden Films, commissioned Ron to write a Sci-Fi Horror feature after he also read his work on InkTip. Simon commented, I`ve read five of Ron`s scripts and every one is extremely commercial. In August 2006, Simon optioned one of Ron`s original scripts.

Later that year Ron received further commissions from a German director and a US producer and in December 06 was employed by prize winning LA director Andy Lauer, to be the story editor on developing his short, into a feature.
Brad Pitt was the Exc. Producer and Adrian Brody the narrator on the short.
In January 07, Ron was invited to act as the script advisor and moderator by the US producer, Bill Dever for his web site the Indie Film Co-op, and to write a low budget script for him.

In addition to this, Ron has completed twelve original, commercially viable screenplays " The Gunfighter` " Friends of my Enemies` " Boudicca` " American Genocide` " The Box` " The Script Writer` " Recompense` " The Jaguar` " Missing Presumed Dead` " The Profiler` " Out of Nowhere` and The 13th Sign`.

Five others with writing partners, The Lifeboat` - Stilettos` - Kane Farm` - Out of Nowhere` and The Gates of Hell`.

Friends of my Enemies` won Script of the Month on TriggerStreet in February 2008 and Recompense` was a nominated for the same award in September 2006.

Several of Ron`s scripts are currently under consideration or development by well known producers/directors. Ron writes in various genre including Action, Thrillers, Horror, Children`s Fantasy, Westerns, Biographical Drama, Sci-Fi and Comedy and is happy to work on assignments or with a co-writer.

He is 63, well travelled and was previously a CEO for an International machine manufacturing company and a marketing executive for the Sony Corporation.
His epic poem of 384 verses, Behind the Frozen Waterfall` was published in February ?07. His script The 13th Sign` is based on this saga.

Ron is exceptionally creative, conceiving outstandingly original stories and is undoubtedly a very prodigious writer, as well as being an accomplish pianist and fine arts artist.

In August `07 Ron was invited to the B-Movie Celebrations in Indiana as a guest speaker, to present a writer`s boot camp, sponsored by Final Draft and in November `07 he was invited to the American Film Market by a leading production company.

He has been invited to present a Script Teaching Course at Franklin, Indiana in September 2008 before the B-Movie Celebrations.

Ron is also a founding member of the Movie video streaming company,`. Along with film producers Andrew Stevens & Bill Dever.
Full list of work is available on request. Ron is a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

B-Movie Celebration 2008 : Ron Aberdeen: Screenwriter`s Boot Camp