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Published:November 27th, 2009 11:51 EST

Judyth Piazza chats with Corina Marie Zurcher, Author of Growing Up Claus

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

This is the story of Kristofer Kringle Claus XV, the third and youngest son born to Santa Claus. Growing up in the North Pole, surrounded by candy, cookies, and toys, one might think "Krissy" was a spoiled child. Not so, dear reader, not so. There were twin older brothers to deal with, allergies to overcome, and torments to endure from his enemies---the elves. Yet somehow, Krissy Claus--along with his part shaggy dog-part abominable snowman pal, Snowflake--survived to tell this tale. This is his story of triumph; his story of hope; his story of what it was like...growing up Claus.




Another Interview with actress

Corina Marie by Denise Kaminsky


Today I am talking with actress Corina Marie who is a talented actress who recently finished a role in the film 10th and Wolf.


Hi Cornia, let`s start off with you telling me about yourself?


I am a true California native "born and raised in the O.C.. I grew up in a family that loved movies, books and sports. Being the only girl amongst four boys, I developed a pretty thick skin, an independent spirit, the idea that you should never take no for an answer, and an imagination with limitless boundaries to constantly entertain. My passion for acting stemmed from my childhood experiences; so did my competitive nature in denying the existence of boundaries on what one is capable of accomplishing. All things are possible; you are allowed to dream that one big dream; and you can reach it if you are willing to sacrifice and put yourself out there in order to attain it. The most important part of who I am is my other half "my husband "the phenomenally talented actor, Troy Ryan Zuercher.


I`ve heard that you are not only an actress but a writer as well; share with me some insight on the book that you recently wrote?


Recently I wrote a children`s Christmas book titled, Growing Up Claus. It is a coming-of-age story about Kristofer Kringle Claus XV and what it was like for him growing up the third and youngest son of Santa Claus. It is a story that young and old alike will enjoy for years to come. The story revolves around Krissy`s friendship with his part-abominable snowman, part-shaggy dog pet named, Snowflake, as their many mishaps and adventures in the North Pole shape and mold Krissy into the Santa Claus he may one day become. Through their friendship, Krissy is able to withstand the hatred of the elves, the torments of his twin older brothers, and the constant family disappointment that he is unlike any member of the Claus family that came before him. He is allergic to evergreens, lactose intolerant, and a Momma`s boy.  It is a humorous story that most people can relate to "growing up in a family you cannot relate to and in an environment where you don`t feel you belong. It is also a story that is headed for the big screen.


The recent success of the book has launched it into animated film territory. I wrote, produced and directed the animatic version of the book that is being pitched to creative producers in the animated film industry. The animatic itself is a moving storyboard that conveys a single chapter from the book and sets it in motion. It gives the producers a clear representation of the character designs, storyline and tone of the film. It will hopefully be in theaters by 2011 or 2012.


What made you become interested in pursuing an acting career?


I have always wanted to be an actress. And I would have to say that acting chose me before I chose it. I have to do it! Unfortunately, I didn`t have the confidence to do it until I was older; but now that I have it, there is nothing else I want to do. My passion for the industry was constantly fueled by having grown up in a family that loved to watch movies of all genres all the time. My destiny was sealed the moment I saw Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra at my grandmother`s house when I was a little girl. That kind of acting spoke to me; it spoke to my soul. I am a firm believer in signs,  but when I didn`t have my Lana Turner moment  of being discovered when I had hoped to be, I knew I had to take a different approach to my acting career. I had to put myself out there in more ways than one. The advantage of being an actor nowadays is the resources and technology available to create films and roles that best show you off. I used this to my advantage by acting in and producing the independent film, September 31st: By Reason of Insanity. I think that is how acting and producing naturally led in to the field of writing for me "there is so much you can do as an actor to tell the story you want to tell "you just have to do it.  


Before I pursued an acting career fulltime, I studied psychology. I have to admit that it`s psychology that has given me my greatest advantage and skill as an actress when it comes to research, human observation and character development.


Tell me about your role in 10th and Wolf?


I had previously worked with the same producer of 10th & Wolf on another film called A Month of Sundays. It was Rod Steiger`s last film, and my first starring role opposite him. The producers offered me a part in 10th & Wolf playing the role of Doreen "the bar manager at a strip club. One of the best things about working on this film was that I had the privilege of working with the director, Bobby Moresco. He was just coming off his Academy-Award winning success of Crash and Million Dollar Baby. Val Kilmer, Brian Dennehy, Dennis Hopper and Giovanni Ribisi were in the film as well. Working in a film with these great talents was one of the best working experiences I have had. If you haven`t seen the film yet, it is currently available on DVD.


Do you have any plans for new projects?


In addition to the animated film adaptation of Growing Up Claus, I just finished filming an independent film and have another one coming out next year. I am also working on a sequel to Growing Up Claus and am currently pitching a fantasy trilogy to the studios. You can find out more information at:


One last question, what do you do in your spare time, if any?


I don`t have a lot of spare time, although I do try to spend time reading books and working out. Both activities keep me sane. I have been hooked lately on cross-fit routines and have also been following some exercises from the GymJones website. The site features the group that created the workouts for the actors in the film 300, so they are pretty tough but give fantastic results. I also love spending time with my husband, Troy. It doesn`t matter what we do, just being with him brings me peace a sense of normalcy.


I would like to thank Corina for taking the time to talk with me, and for more information, please go to:


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