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Published:November 24th, 2008 11:57 EST
Chase Von And Multi Talented Singer, Actress and More, Kiara Hunter!!!

Chase Von And Multi Talented Singer, Actress and More, Kiara Hunter!!!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von:  Kiara, Hi there again and it was great speaking with you the other night!  On behalf of myself and The Student Operated Press, I really want to thank you for taking out some time from your hectic schedule to share yourself with our readers!  I know your working on your second CD as well as numerous other things so this is truly appreciated!

Kiara Hunter!!! Actress, Singer and So Much More!!!


Kiara:  No problem Chase! I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful and exciting group you have such as the Student Operated Press. (Smile).


Chase Von:  Your list of accomplishments are outstanding!  But before we get to the things you`ve done, what you`re currently doing, and your plans for the future, what were your younger years like?  And how old were you when you started taking singing seriously as a career as well as acting?


I`ve had the good fortune to interview some incredible actors and actresses!  Yourself, Shawn Richardz, Jason Seitz, Jennifer Wilkinson, Darcy Donavan, Barbara Evans, Kimberly Prendez and Kitty (Kitania) Kavey and Nhojj. 


Many of them not only act but like yourself do a variety of things.  Some started later than others but they all "Knew" at some point that is what they should be doing.


So do you also think that people that enter in to this extremely difficult and challenging field just have it in their blood so to speak?


Kiara:  From my earlier years until now, being an ARTIST of any sort is who I truly AM and who I was born to BE.


I was an extroverted child always dancing, singing and acting in anything that I could find an outlet for. As well, athletic endeavors for me was a great way for me to express myself and well, I very rarely sat still ever! 


I didn`t start acting professionally until I was in my early 20`s and singing in my early 30`s.  Additionally, I don`t believe age is a definitive pre-requisite to start any artistic endeavor there are seven year olds and 70 year olds with careers in both film and music these days and for that I am thankful. How boring would it be if all artists were between 18-28? (Smile).


Chase Von:  When we were talking on the phone for the first time, we also had our first disagreement.  (Smile).  I said my world was Good People, Bad People and you said there was no such thing as Bad People. 


I said yes there are, you said, no there aren`t, I said yes there are, you said no there aren`t, I said yes there are, and you said well, I think the readers get the gist of it.  (Smile).  We changed subjects but I was really curious after we got off the phone why you felt that way.


I`ve been a correctional officer at one point in my life, and I`ve also been to two wars.  I know people that are permanently injured for life and there are people that I`ve served with that sadly, are no longer with us. I myself suffer from PTSD.  So I was wondering since you had a date I hope I didn`t make you late for, as you were pressed for time, if you could elaborate on why you feel that way a bit?


And I will say I think if it bleeds it leads, and that we are often barraged with bad things by the media and I think that there are perhaps great things that are happening as well, but for some reason, bad stories are what are most often reported on.


 Kiara:  As a spiritual person, my response came from a place that does not judge good from bad or up from down or right from left I look at things as they are without borders.


I believe that war is caused by separating ourselves through religion, race, gender, country, and in the many ways we "compete` to WIN. There are no winners in war and there are no winners in competition; we are all losers losing ourselves in the process and believing that winning is everything.


Everyone is a winner because I believe we are perfect the way we are and unfortunately many do not believe that and focus on the negatives of human nature instead of the positives. Competition is best when it is only with myself searching for peace, solace and truth.


Truth, to me does not come from the ego mind but rather from the heart and the soul that connects all of us including Mother Earth together as ONE. As oneness, with LOVE binding us, there would not be BAD and GOOD people but only a deep connection with our universal knowledge of what is: We are ONE. Good and bad is a judgment based on opinions and experiences through the eyes of the beholder.


Who is fighting for peace and who is fighting for freedom? Who is the victim and who is the instigator? Both have their reasons and so neither are right. Without LOVE in our own lives and trust in who we really ARE, there will continue to be war and fighting among not only countries but within our own family and communities. It all starts with our selves. Together, peace is possible.


Chase Von:  What a great answer Kiara!  I don`t know if you`ve seen this, but I saw a video on line where a group of people went to places where there was a lot of violence and crime. 


I believe one of those places was our nation`s capital, Washington D.C. and they simply meditated and had good and positive thoughts for a period of time.  The crime rates subsequently dropped and this happened every where they went.


How much affect do you think our thoughts as a whole have on the way the world is? 


Kiara:  There is much to be said about meditations and prayers. The I AM presence is a very powerful affirmation that can indeed change the world. By filtering our minds with the LOVE in our hearts, I know for a fact that miracles happen to those who BELIEVE.


Chase Von:  Now to your many accomplishments and the readers are going to have to forgive me, because I don`t think I will be able to mention them all!  You`re a formidable force in the music world with your internationally popular CD "We Can Play!"  You`re also working on your second CD as we speak and you have a truly beautiful voice! 


You`ve toured with "Atomic Kitten" and performed in front of over 60,000 thousand fans and your hit single "Believe" registered #9 on the European dance/pop charts ahead of music legend and "Diva" Whitney Houston as well as Holly Valance!  It`s also featured on the original soundtrack of the Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher film, "Protection" for Alliance-Alantis!


You wrote it in collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Ian Prince, who has worked with music ICON Quincy Jones!  He`s also worked with Joy Enriques and Juno-nominated producer Chin Injeti!  The one I personally like the most but they are all growing on me is your soft ballad "With You" but the entire CD is strong through out!


In addition to working on your second release you are also cast as the lead in a film called "The Plate" starring opposite David Lewis who has been in so many things I can`t list them all either, but The X Files, Pay Check, Millennium, The Butterfly Effect II, Accidental Witness, Totally Awesome, Criminal Minds and The L Word just to name a few!


You yourself have been in Alien Incursion, Sub Zero, The Thing Below, Stargate SG-1, Wormhole X-Treme, The Naked and the Dead,, The Enemy Within, Timeless Obsession, Bordello of Blood, Mask of Death, Dangerous Prey, The X Files, Madonna:  Lost Innocence, Blackmail, and L.A.P.D. To Protect and to Serve and that`s just naming a few as well!  


Your first lead role was in "Dangerous Prey" but you then went on to star opposite Lorenzo Lamas in "Mask of Death" and later as a deadly Vampire opposite the amazing Dennis Miller in "Tales from the Crypt:  Bordello of Blood and with C. Thomas Howell in "Sleeping Dogs!"


I remember when I was speaking to you I said that my boss here at the SOP, Judyth Piazza had interviewed Billy D. Williams and you said you have been in something with him as well!


You`re also not only known as a serious actress but one that can be counted on to handle the more physical roles as well!  What has been your most challenging role that you`ve played to date?


Kiara:  I would have to say to say Alien Incursion was the most challenging. The reason? It was the lowest budget film I have EVER made (!) so there were no dressing rooms, makeshift "every things` from makeup to wardrobe areas to sets as well!


We were outside for pretty much the whole time (cold and rainy!) and the scripts were changed almost daily so scenes that I had worked out the night before were scrapped and new ones were given literally hours before I had to be on set.


Being one of the lead actors, the pressure was hardcore working 10 hours or more and then getting 6 hours sleep and repeating it for days on end. It was horrendous but I was doing what I loved doing, the cast and crew were fantastic and well, through it all I had a lot of fun!! I have to say as well, other than the CGI (Computer Graphics Interface) the rest of the movie was really good (and pretty funny too if you ask me!) (Smile).


Chase Von:  Who are some of the actresses and actors you most admire as well as since you are also a singer, those in your other area where you are also excelling?  Also, who are some of the people you truly enjoyed working with, and ones you want to work with again?   


And are there any other people in either field, music or acting you haven`t worked with but are looking forward to that happening?


Kiara:  Wow. There are so many talented actor and actresses out there. Here are some of my favorites: Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Jeremy Irons. Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Sean Penn, Gene Hackman, Will Smith, Forrest Whitaker, Kevin Costner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchette, Katherine Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Sally Fields, Shirley McLaine, Jessica Lange, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie to name a few.


I would be honored to work with any of these big hitters lol! 


I would love to work with Dennis Miller again because I just laughed so much with him on the set of Bordello of Blood--also Thomas C. Howell in Sleeping Dogs. 


Great guy!  Lorenzo Lamas was fun too.  In conclusion, I would be honored to work with any actors/musicians out there that are making things happen in their lives and putting out great material with great intentions.  Life is grand!  (Smile).


Chase Von:  I know when I called you were getting ready to go out to a dinner date.  Lucky guy!  (Smile).  I hope I didn`t make you late.  But what are some of your favorite meals?  And how do you go about staying in such fantastic shape?


Kiara:  Aw, thank you for that. It`s not always easy keeping in shape " I struggle sometime because I love my popcorn and butter at movies and black licorice as well but hey!


Being a vegetarian mostly has it`s perks! I haven`t eaten any red meat in over 20 years and I stay away from dairy as I find it indigestible.  Bread, pasta and alcohol are all baddies for me so I eat mostly salads, fruit, protein shakes, nuts and take tons of supplements since there are not many vitamins in cooked foods.


As well, I go to the gym or go for long walks/runs with my dog to stay trim. It`s hard but hey, if it wasn`t everyone would be in fantastic shape! (Smile)!


Chase Von:  In a lot of my interviews, I ask people about something a friend of mine, Willard Barth, inspirational Singer, Songwriter and Life Coach calls "Expanding Your Comfort Zones!"  As for me I started out as a poet in my younger years, and then I branched out into writing song lyrics and quotes, later I took on short stories. 


After my first book was published I wasn`t all that satisfied with how things went, but instead of just looking for another publisher I decided to learn that side of the fence and then became a publisher myself.  And as you know, I am now doing interviews as well.


You do so many things!  You sing, you act, you dance and you even have your own comic book!  Judyth Piazza also has her own comic book called "The Reluctant Ghost Hunter."  And she`s also got a starring role coming up in a movie called Horrorween!


What would you say to people about trying new things and expanding their comfort zones?


Kiara:  Stretching as I call it, is imperative to growing. Everyone has the ability to go beyond what they "think` is possible and dreaming about things you want is only a moment away.


By believing in yourself and having a clear intention of what it is you want, well, ANYTHING is possible. The only set back is doing too much and not focusing on one at a time making sure to nourish all of them and not let them die!  Art is all about being spontaneous and creative stay in the zone and watch your garden grow!!


Chase Von:  I was checking out your comic book and it looks "Hot!"  (Smile).  It`s called "Hunter Girl" and it has a picture of you on the cover with a sword and in what looks like a bathing suit with a pistol tied to your hip!  I`d love a signed copy.  (Smile). 


I myself read comic books and I`m already digging the story line!  Can you tell our readers a bit more about that but without giving too much away?     


Kiara:  Sure Chase! Here is a brief description:  The world has been devastated by Mother Earth.  In her fury she has obliterated most of civilization leaving behind one continent, now known as Kraven in the year 2204 AD.  Any survivors, as well as those from afar, came to this lone continent looking for peace, safety and salvation.  Unbeknownst to them, what they thought as solace in a turbulent, changing time in history, came to them as a horrifying and ultimately sinister demise.


Through ignorance and placidity, the remaining millions of humans left to be led by the One World Government (OWL) do not overtly know their true purpose on this Earth.  But through the efforts of a courageous and powerful Bounty Hunter named Kali " and her traveling companions who meet her on her tumultuous journey, she seeks to find her inner truth as well as those whom she has committed to save from the clutches of an evil empire.


Chase Von:  I was thinking when I saw it, maybe you could in future stories introduce a new character that`s on your team!  He could be a two time war veteran, but a warrior that also writes poetry. 


As for character flaws he could suffer from PTSD but on the plus side he thinks women are the most beautiful creation that God ever made!  And you`re certainly proof of that!  He could be called, hmmm, let me think a bit, got it!  The Last Panther?  Heh, Heh:)


Kiara:  he he "well funny enough, she does encounter a rebel boy whom she hunts and falls in love with!  She has never felt love before and he could certainly have some poetic in him (sounds good!) that touches her heart.


The great thing about writing is that you can make your characters from many sources and yes, you can be one too!  Thank you!


Chase Von:  Just from speaking to you briefly, I can tell all the way through you are a deep and caring soul.  What are some of the causes you feel most strongly about and charities that you, yourself support?


Kiara:  I have many: World Vision, the Make a Wish Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation, PETA, Conservation International, Ocean Alliance, Center for Food Safety, as well as First Book.


There are so many charities that deserve assistance to assist our world becoming educated and safe. Please donate or belong to as many as you can. Gratitude is the highest form of Abundance. God Bless the World and all of us!


Chase Von:  How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?


Kiara:  Oh my! You ask many deep questions for me! Lol!


Family to me is important yes, but also so is everyone, as I believe we are ALL a family (my spirituality comes into place here) Everyone that I meet daily is a part of me and I a part of them. Strangers, shop owners, servers, representatives, anyone that I meet belongs to my family.


By believing it this way, I treat everyone the same way, with respect, kindness and unconditional love. Everyone deserves to have family and I to them, should be no different.


My take on this world we live in is this is how we as humans are accountable with our word and our actions. If you are living a loving and kind way, you will see your world as such. If you are living with blame, judgment, hate and fear, you will see that in your world.


Yes, there is crime and murder but there is also love and peace. It depends on where you want to focus your thoughts and your heart in the positive or the negative. The choice is truly yours since you are a part of Creation. You are responsible for all that comes to you and there are no such things as accidents.


I believe we are all meant to assist this planet and all that resides here with unconditional love, peace and courage through our own willingness to know we can indeed make a difference. By doing our part - being honest, truthful, accountable and honoring our word the world can become a part of us as we are a part of it.


Chase Von:  What would you say, if you were standing in front of a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet and regardless of what language it was they spoke, they would understand you?  What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Kiara:  I would say Know yourself and why you are here in this world ". Without knowing who we are and why we are here we become recipients of the mass conscious energy without being accountable. We all CAN make a difference by being CONSCIOUS and AWAKE.


Doing things to better ourselves and then assisting others in a good start. Stay focused on your truth, your purpose, the amazing qualities you bring to this world and how much you can make a difference just by CARING. It all starts with your self first, learning to trust your heart and not your head, focusing on GRATITUDE and not gain, learning that abundance is your birthright and you are worthy of anything you want with clear intention and service to others. We are ALL ONE. And so it is.


Chase Von:  Where can our readers learn more about all the amazing things you`re doing?  You`re various web sites and links where they can buy your CD?  And also find out more information on your coming release and all the other things you are doing?  As well as touring dates?


Kiara: I have a web site (  where I will keep my progress and news up to date as well I have a my space page (


You can Google me as well as I have many other sites that display many of my songs and pictures as well.  I will be selling my music soon and will let you know on my web site when this will happen.


Chase Von:  You`re the former Miss Canada!  The former Miss Fitness British Colombia!  The Former Miss Fitness in Canada Silver Medalist!  The former Miss Venus Swim Wear International!  The former Miss Venus Fitness Body Pro!  As well as the former Miss Ujena of Canada!


Are you someone that always challenges yourself? 


Kiara:  Absolutely. I figure that I`ve got about 100 years or so to get at it and well, there`s no better time than NOW! Onwards and upwards is my logo and truly, taking it on is the PASSION that inspires and keeps me in my Happy Zone! Lol!


Working towards goals and making a difference in this world is my dream coming true " I will continue to go beyond what others may think is impossible and will never stop being whom I am here to be: a passionate, creative, inspiring and loving Spirit Being of Light!



Chase Von:  On behalf of The Operated Student Press and myself Kiara, I thank you for sharing yourself with our readers! 


I`m going to check out that book by Deepak Chopra you recommended to me called "Jesus" and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and mountains more of success!


So thanks again for squeezing this in and Love and light to you!


Kiara: Thank you so much Chase (I love your name!) for the enlightening and sweet interview. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of it. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the world!!


I believe this world will change when we find peace, healing and love in our own hearts!! WE are the Creators of our own world find your self and celebrate! 


We are ALL worth it!!!