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Published:January 22nd, 2009 19:04 EST
An Interview with Actress Kimberly Magness

An Interview with Actress Kimberly Magness

By Denise Kaminsky

Hi Kimberly, tell me about yourself and how you began as an actress/model?  


Growing up in Southern Indiana, I began acting at the age of 10 when I landed my first audition and booked the job.  From there, I fell in love with acting and found the confidence to continue with it.  I often wondered what would have happened and how discouraged I would have been if I had not booked that first audition.  I had been in dance lessons since the age of 3 so I had become accustomed to performing in front of an audience at a young age.


Was there a specific inspiration that helped you decide your craft as an actress?


The two inspirations that I can recall from my childhood was a 1980s cartoon, Jem, about a woman in a rock-&-roll band.  It follows her fame which always attracted me much more than Barbie as a kid.  Then at the age of 10, I saw the movie, Beaches ".  I loved Bette Midler (herself as an actress) and her character, CC.  I envied CC`s confidence, lifestyle, and bold personality.  I aspired to be that character.  I told my mother I wanted to act, she took me to my first audition and the rest is history!


You recently had a role in "Devil`s Grove", could you tell me about the role you had in the film?


I played the character Katie Kyle.  She is a senior in high school who sneaks into an amusement park with some classmates where several murders were committed years earlier.  The students are making an investigative video for their final project in an attempt to pass their film communications class.  Katie`s character is a sweet, innocent girl who gets the bad reputation of being the school slut.  Katie aspires to be an actress so she is a bit dramatic, but overall she is very compassionate of others.


Share with me your other talent`s besides acting? 


Along with acting, I dance and model as well.  I have been dancing practically all styles of dance for 22 years.  I was a member of the international belly dance company; Layla and the Lotus Dancers in Los Angeles. In New York, I`ve danced professionally for some of the best DJs and hottest night clubs in the city and still continue to take classes.


NYC has also been great for my modeling career.  This summer I did a retrospective runway fashion show, Forever in Fashion ", in Times Square, highlighting real dresses from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  I have also done several print ads for magazines, industry pamphlets, and billboards.  A few of my modeling achievements have been a national print ad for American Eagle Outfitter, " a billboard for ITV " in London, and a fitness ad on the back cover of Time Out New York " magazine.  I also recently I shot beach scenes for brochures on Turkey tourism.


In my spare time, I LOVE to snowboard!  Not to be confused as a talent per say, but I can hold my own and practice as much as I can every season!  I even was able to take a college course on Snow Sports which entailed snowboarding on the slopes every week.  So technicality I have a college credit in snowboarding!   Amazing what you can get college credit for these days "?!


Do you have any upcoming projects?


I am currently working on a heart wrenching drama, "The Word".  I play the role of Donna, the girlfriend of an alcoholic court appointed attorney. I currently host the Boston City Campus learning courses on a regular basis.


I am recently booked the lead in a reality show promo pilot in the next few weeks.


In mid-February, I have a photo shoot for the new sports clothing line, "Take Notice".


Tell me about "Shine a Light" your role and what was it like to work with Martin Scorsese? 


I played one of Mick Jaggers V.I.P. fans.  "Shine a Light" is a documentary of the Rolling Stones.  However, I was hired as an actress for a re-shoot of some backstage footage.  When I arrived to set, I actually had no idea that Martin Scorsese was directing. Everyone was particularly professional and very quiet on set once Mr. Scorsese arrived.  I actually got to chat with him briefly.  He was very humble, gracious, and didn`t mind taking time away from the shoot to talk to the actors and make everyone feel welcome.  He even went out of his way to tell me I was doing a great job! And was picked to be on screen with him in the scene.


Are there any projects that you found to be a major challenge? 


I had a scene in Devil`s Grove where I had an on screen kiss with another actress. I was nervous about how awkward it might be, not just for me and the actress, but in front of an entire crew as well!  I just tried to look at it in a professional way and it went rather smoothly and much less awkward than I thought!


What do you enjoy most about acting? 


Acting is sort of a release for me.  It helps me forget about anything troubling and takes me to a happy place.  Being able to step out of reality and jump into another character I think helps me keep my sanity!


One last question, what are your favorite types of films?


I LOVE horror films.  I am probably most passionate about them.  I love cheap thrills and have always been fascinated with horror flicks from a young age.  I also have a love for classics, and of course, romantic comedies!


Thank you very much for the wonderful interview and keep up the fantastic work.


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