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Published:March 31st, 2009 10:32 EST
Actress Jenny McShane!

Chase Von Interviews, The Gorgeous Actress, Jenny McShane!

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Chase Von: Hey, Jenny, and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, I truly want to thank you for making room on your schedule for this. I`ve really enjoyed talking to you and I have to say, you could also be a comedienne. I`m still smiling when I think about our conversation. (smile) Before I get to any questions, though, thanks again for sharing yourself with our readers here at the SOP. I know you are really tapped for time and spinning multiple plates.


Jenny: Hey, Chase "and I want to thank you and the Student Operated Press for having me. You`re very funny yourself, you know. (Heh-heh)

Chase Von: You`ve done so many incredible things in your life. Not only are you a much sought-after actress and model, but you also have your own band called Little Ruby and play at various locations around Los Angeles. But first, can you share with our readers what your childhood years were like? Where you grew up?


Jenny: Chase, I grew up in a very small town called Waseca in Southern Minnesota. The actual set of Little House on The Prairie, or the exterior they used, was in Mankato, Minnesota, which was fifteen miles west of where I grew up. I`ll give this example so you get the picture: I was raised on a five-hundred-acre pig farm. I am the eldest of eight children "five girls and three boys. And if you think that`s a lot, my father was one of twenty-two children! When the wind was blowing in their direction, neighbors used to call my father and ask if there was anything he could do about the smell. And yes, now it`s funny but it wasn`t then. LOL :) My brothers and sisters and I were raised helping my parents with farming duties that included some pretty gruesome tasks that weren`t in a typical young girl`s world. My father was in the 101st Airborne before I was born and used to tell me the way we worked was nothing compared to the Army. We had it easy, he always told us.


Chase Von: Pig farm? (smile) Again you had me crying-laughing when you were telling me about your life there, but you look at it all now with a sense of humor. When we lived in New York, periodically we would drive down to Virginia to see kinfolk and us children could always tell when we were getting close because of a certain aroma in the air. It didn`t occur to me then that there might have been other kids living there that were hating life. For the record, how many showers did you take before school? And what was it you would ask your Mom when the Avon Lady came calling? (smile)


Jenny: Well, Chase, I really did hate the manual labor and the way that I was raised then, but now I look back and know I am so fortunate. If ever I have to survive, I have that knowledge now. (smile) I was driving a tractor when I was only four years old! I also drove grain trucks and anything else that had to be driven, as I was the eldest. My father gave me a choice when I was in first grade: I could continue to work outside with him or do the chores inside with my mom. I chose outside with Dad. My sister who was a year younger took inside with Mom. Oh, and my mom had a friend that sold Avon. I always had Mom order the perfume that was on special in the large bottles because after pig chores, I always took at least two showers. I would also pour on a good bunch of the perfume before school. But I swear I could still smell home, no matter what. Sad, huh?


Chase Von: I`d have to say yes and no, Jenny "definitely not what most people have lived through, but for the record, I`ve interviewed Shawn Richardz, Kitty "Kitania" Kavey, Darcy Donavan, Barbara Evans, Debra Garrett, Leah DeVon, Alina, Audrey Michelle, Kimberly Prendez, Vanessa Jay "and I could go on, but you are certainly another one of THE most beautiful women in the world. " The day after talking to you, I was at the store, and I thought of you as I bought some Spicy Pork Rinds. (Love those things "smile.) Prior to talking to you, that would have been the last thing that would have come to mind " Heh "heh :) Ok, sorry, but I also have to say this: If you are an example of what women look like from the pig farms, men reading this that used to speed up when driving by are going to be slowing down and visiting awhile. You`re Gorgeous! (smile) Can you tell our readers how you went from that life to the life you are currently living, and various jobs you`ve held prior to landing on the big screen with some of the most recognizable and talented individuals in that profession, in the entire world?


Jenny: Well, first, Chase, let me share this: I`m not so sure about men reading this and deciding to stop rather than step on the gas pedal. I remember once a football game was canceled, so I was at home up to my knees in pigs " with my rubbers and bibs on when my dad pointed all the football players to the barn. Those guys never looked at me the same after that! Then one summer I rode my bicycle to town and asked the city council to sponsor me in the Miss Teen Minnesota Pageant. They gave me a check, which I showed my parents. That was my first time in the Big City when I was sixteen. It was such a pleasure to hang out with the beautiful city girls. In the interview, the judges asked me what the worst thing I had ever had to do on the farm was. I told them I knew the answer but didn`t want to say. They wanted to know, so I proceeded to tell them I had to castrate pigs. Well, one female judge nearly fainted. (smile) Needless to say, I came in third out of 276 contestants.   


On the way home, my father asked me what was said in the interview, as one of the parents had told him that the most points were accrued in that part of it. I told him the same thing " After the teen pageant in Minnesota, my dad`s sister helped pay for a modeling school. I look back on this now and laugh, as I really needed the information I learned. I had no idea about how to dress or apply makeup, etc. I didn`t have a clue! My parents didn`t let me wear makeup or nail polish or anything like that. I finished modeling school and was signed by a small modeling agency in Minnesota. The agent there was wonderful to me and booked a lot of jobs for me that helped to pay for my college at St. Thomas. That same agency in Minnesota also referred me to an agency in Chicago, which was also very wonderful to me. While I was in Chicago, a photographer who had photographed me for several catalog jobs told me I should pursue acting, because when he photographed me, he felt I had such an interesting character and that it wasn`t necessarily that of a model. I remember that conversation really making me sad, but I love and appreciate it now. That day he told me that modeling is a very hard career, much like dancing, as it tends to be very short lived. If you can be an actor, you can work until you`re a hundred and also make a much better living. That same photographer found me in Los Angeles years later when I was working with the William Morris Agency. He came to Los Angeles where he became a very highly sought-after photographer for headshots. He`d done headshots of Sean Penn, Drew Barrymore, etc. His name was Helmut Lange. Unfortunately, Helmut died while I was filming in South Africa back in 1998.

Chase Von: Amazing how mere words can change someone`s entire path in life, though, isn`t it, Jenny? And I`m sure if you could have said something else in your first beauty contest you would have won; sounds like you got penalized for being honest. Another thing that you were telling me that had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes is about your interview on the Howard Stern Show. What again was your answer to him when he asked you if you were enjoying
New York? And if you had gotten a chance to visit Central Park to see any of them cute little squirrels? (smile)


Jenny: Chase "are you talking about when I said, Yes, I did see some squirrels in Central Park and I was wishing I had brought my Winchester. "? Howard had actually asked if I had ever eaten any road kill, should we call it? I told him I`d had raccoon and squirrel on occasion. Then Howard asked me if I had liked going to Central Park when I was in New York and I said, Of course, I love it there as it reminds me of Minnesota and the farm. So he then asked, what do you do when you see a squirrel in Central Park? " I said, I wish I had my shotgun as things are very expensive here. Well, they are you know, Chase! (Smile.)

Chase Von: Ah, Jenny country girl to the core. Heh-heh :) I think we better get off the animal subject. I`ve learned that some people don`t think vegetarian " old ancient American Indian word for bad hunter " " "is amusing. But before we do, there`s an article here at the SOP by Ashley Judd who is on the warpath against Sarah Palin. And although I`m not a vegetarian by any means, I still think what Sarah has done in regards to animals is appalling. I myself remember seeing a video and, seriously, after seeing the treatment of some of the animals, almost stopped eating meat altogether myself. Horrible!
But shooting wolves from the air and cutting off their left front leg and various other things she has allowed or supported are sickening. Recently I watched Dancing With Wolves by Kevin Costner and they have this slaughter scene in it where people had shot buffalo for no other reason than to take their hides. Maybe it`s my American Indian heritage, but I believe there is a natural order to things. If wolves didn`t eat deer then there would be too many deer, and I am kind of glad frogs have mosquitoes on their menu. (smile) One could even argue that salad shouldn`t be eaten either, because it, too, is a living thing. And how fair is it to eat something that couldn`t run away if it tried? (smile) Sorry, not trying to make light of a very serious subject, but it does go both ways. Insects eat plants too. And then there are plants that eat insects. Ever heard of the Venus Fly Trap? What`s that all about? (smile) Before we go on, have you seen this? Some things you just can`t make up! And are you a vegetarian? And what are your views on the subject? For me, it just boils down to: don`t kill more than you can eat. And be thankful for the life given to sustain your own " And for those that want to read the entire article by Ashley Judd, who I truly do think is wonderful:

Gruesome News of Sarah Palin`s Cruel Aerial Wolf-Killing

Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey - While others killed behind her

(Note: Not for small children).


Jenny: No, Chase, I`m not a vegetarian, but, like you, I don`t believe in senseless killing either. I was raised by a real hunter my father. But Dad never killed or hunted for pleasure. Anything he caught or killed was to provide for his big family. And as you know now, it really is a big family. I still love deer meat and know that the deer fed my large family many a delicious meal. When it`s winter in Minnesota, there are not any fresh vegetables. I can`t imagine there are too many vegetarians in Russia either. I did my first starring role in a feature in Russia. While there I met people raised in weather like me. And I think to be a vegetarian you have to live in the right climate or near a grocery store that imports fresh produce. Like here in LA, I imagine is good for that, for those that prefer that lifestyle. Plants that eat insects? Chase, are you saying someone might be biting into a salad someday and it might bite them back? (smile)


Chase Von: Now that`s strange, Jenny " Earlier tonight when we were talking again, you brought up when you were on set and someone was telling you a story about Donald Sutherland. And I was, like: Isn`t he the one who played in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? (Though I`d written part of this question before we spoke again)... It`s like I brought up the subject before we even had that conversation. (smile) And wouldn`t it be strange if an intelligent life form of plants showed up and didn`t care if people were eating meat, but got really p.o.`d if they saw someone chomping on asparagus? Heh-heh " Enough on that though " Your resume is outstanding! You appeared in The Watcher with Keanu Reeves " "who, incidentally, also stars in one of my all-time favorite movies, The Matrix " "Nash Bridges with Don Johnson, Shark Attack with Casper Van Dien, Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas and The Fallen Faithful, starring Sonny Marinelli and Mark Margolis. You were also in Wayne`s World II, with a cast that included Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Heather Locklear, Christopher Walken, Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger, Tia Carrere and the late Chris Farley. It would take up the rest of this page to name all the other notables in Wayne`s World II, but it also has Jay Leno playing himself and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith who also played himself. (smile) You`re also in US Seals, Cyborg III, Hit the Dutchman, directed by industry legend Menahem Golan, and written by Alex Simon.  Your other film credits are: Never Say Die, Monsoon, Outlaw, Megalodon, Stag, Rangley Beach and you also star in Furnace, a horror film that was just released last year, directed by the very talented William Butler and featuring Michael Pare, Ja Rule, Danny Trejo, Paul Wall, Cowboy Troy, and Tom Sizemore. And that isn`t all you have accomplished as an actress: you`ve also appeared frequently on shows as a guest star "Silk Stalkings and Too Something, to name a few. Who are some of the people you enjoyed working with the most? Who haven`t you worked with that you would love to? And what has been your most demanding role and was that because of the challenges, physically or emotionally or both?


Jenny: I have loved all of the performers I have had the opportunity to work with. The one performer who was really enlightening was Don Johnson. He really pushed me to deliver such a great performance. Don came from a small town just like I did. We had a common bond on that experience. He knew I was not a professionally trained actor and called me on it. Where did you go to acting school, he screamed, on the farm? " I wanted to say, Yes, " but didn`t. I loved the episode I did on Nash Bridges. I played my guitar and sang a rendition of Desperado. I finger picked an acoustic guitar, no less. As for most demanding and who I would love to work with that I haven`t yet? Hmmmm "there are so many people I would love to work with, I can`t name them all. And I love to be challenged, so they may seem demanding at the time, but we get better by constantly challenging ourselves. (smile)


Chase Von: One thing my dear friend, author Betty Dravis, noted about you, is you`re like a chameleon. (smile) She said that you`re always beautiful, but you can change your appearance so much one has to look twice to be sure it`s you. How much say do you have in how you will appear on the big screen and do you think being able to look so differently has added to the longevity of your career and kept you from being typecast?


Jenny: I had the very fortunate experience of working and starring in one of my first films in South Africa: Never Say Die, opposite one of my favorite actors I have worked with to date, Billy Drago. The director of the film was Yossi Wein and it was produced by Avi Lerner. I was very young


at the time and the character I played was an army sergeant`s daughter who had gotten caught up in a cult similar to the cult in Waco, Texas. On the second day of filming, the director said I would be a movie star if I could remember one thing: Change myself with makeup and hair and costumes...but when he saw me walking from a half mile away he should still know the person walking was JENNY McSHANE. I never forgot those words. He said I should watch John Wayne movies or Clint Eastwood movies so that I could see what he was trying to communicate. Yossi Wein (director) said, Movie stars keep a piece of themselves in every character they play. Remember that you, Jenny McShane, are walking in a character`s shoes and the audience wants to see both. When you see Clint Eastwood walking from a half-mile away, you know it is Clint Eastwood. I have tried the best I can to keep my own walk, personality and humbleness in all of the characters I have played to date.


Chase Von: I always try to ask a tough one, Jenny, so here`s yours and you don`t have to answer, if you don`t want to. Your movie Shark Attack 3 has a cult-like following. But there is one particular scene where an actor says something to you that was supposed to be edited from the film, but got left in. Because it is of adult content I won`t linger on that, but it got a lot of attention and you yourself had absolutely nothing to do with it. Do you think that publicity has helped or hurt you, because most people have already heard this, though I can`t remember who said it, but something to the affect of:  The only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity. And there are a lot of people that seem to think any kind of publicity, bad or good, keeps a person`s name in the limelight. But again, no fault of your own "and suddenly it`s just out there. Your comments? Because I think this is a perfect place to set the record straight, and for those that want the truth. Note: THIS MATERIAL IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN, FOR ADULTS WHO WISH TO VIEW, the link is as follows:


Jenny: Wow, that is a very tough question. I was raised in a very strict Catholic home and am one of eight children. I have tried to take films that upheld the standard in which I was raised. Some of the roles I have played are very upsetting to my parents because of their content. I really feel strongly about making my family proud of my work and craft. Growing up, my parents only allowed us to watch one hour of television a night after our chores and homework were finished. My parents had to approve of the show and sit with us to watch it. I was able to watch every John Wayne movie or any cowboys and Indians movie there was without getting permission. I feel that the movies and shows I was allowed to watch have affected America in a very good and moral way; to know that strong and good will prevail. The line the actor said in Shark Attack 3 was said as a joke to make the crew " "working long hours in Bulgaria " "have a laugh. I was so in shock when the actor said the line that I walked out of the take with no response. The words that were said had never been said to me in my life! The editor of Shark Attack 3 cut that take in and it was purchased by Lions Gate without being viewed, based on the success of the Shark Attack that I starred in with Casper Van Dien. That movie has made so much money for Lions Gate, and they should thank the editor who put the take in the final cut wherever he is for all of the money that was made by this. It was also ironic that the actor who said that to me was helped so much in his own career by the line. The actor`s name is John Barrowman. John is an extremely talented actor who had been on a television show created by Aaron Spelling, playing Casper Van Dien`s brother, ironically enough. But getting back to that, though, because of that accidental line being left in, John Barrowman received a lot of press especially in London where he has won Tonys on the West End for his singing. John is an incredible singer and won his first Tony for Sunset Boulevard opposite Patti LuPone. I am very happy that the mistake helped him to be catapulted in his career. I have never worked with an actor who can be what old-school performers call a superstar " " "meaning they can sing, act and dance. I was told in the beginning of acting that you had to have all of those talents to get a studio deal.


Chase Von: Again, I think that was something you had absolutely no control over, but just like you told me on the phone, growing up on the farm " "much as you hated it and as your own father said " "gave you a work ethic that you, perhaps, wouldn`t have had otherwise. And also, things in life happen that test your will sometimes. You have persisted and look at you now! (smile) And who would have thought that one line would be a blessing? I know when I was working on my last book, Murphy`s Law seemed to kick in to the tenth power. I had it just about finished and was up in the wee hours of the morning working on it when I got an email message from a friend (who shall remain unnamed): It was an update on what this famous person was doing. I said, well; let me check this out... I clicked open the message and my screen faded in and out. I was like, That`s strange! And then my computer just went haywire; I lost my manuscript and another computer on the slain list. (I let my friend know and she, of course, apologized.) It wasn`t her fault, but there I was "frustrated again. But I persevered! I`m of the belief that when you really want something, often if not all the time, fate will throw things in your path to see how much you really want it. Is that something you, yourself, have experienced, or how you view it? Because that one line although initially, you might have looked at as being negative " "has had a silver lining attached to it for you both. (smile)


Jenny: I definitely am a firm believer that if you want it you get it. I have gone to church to pray for every part I really wanted and it worked every time! I know that you are not supposed to ask for monetary things or cars, etc., but I just really wanted certain roles. I often think that when I don`t get a role, I didn`t want the role bad enough "if I wasn`t willing to head to Saint Charles`s or Saint Monica`s to get it. I believe that everything that happens to you was meant to happen. As I am getting older, I look back on everything that has happened in my life and have no regrets. I have always followed my gut instinct, even in friendships and business dealings outside of acting. If I am not feeling good about a person or an opportunity I change my direction. I feel I have this light " that I don`t want to waste on someone who doesn`t work in that light. " I would rather get an ice-fishing house and sit beside my dad on the lake than have stress or bad feelings. I am happiest when I can love and trust my environment and who is in it.


Chase Von: What are some of your favorite meals? And how do you stay in such fantastic shape?


Jenny: My mother was a fantastic cook. We didn`t get to go to the restaurants very often, as you can imagine, because that would be some bill with eight children. My father`s friends, however, used to (coincidentally) show up at our house around dinnertime. I have to honestly say that in my career as an actress I have been to some pretty fancy places, but I have never tasted anything that was better than my mother`s home-made cooking. My mother was also an amazing baker. Her cookies and cakes were always hidden in secret places, and finding the stash " "quick " was a pastime of my brothers and sisters when Mom and Dad had to leave the house for whatever reason. (smile) My mom was an expert at baking a cake that was so delicious I can`t even write about it or I will have to fly home to get it. I never had sushi before I came to Los Angeles and am a very big fan. My parents were obsessed with fishing growing up, especially my father. I always loved fish and craved it, especially fresh fish that was just caught and filleted and dumped into the frying pan. You can never have fish that tastes as good! Fresh from the catch is amazing! My Mom had mastered a beer-batter coating for her fish. I still love it when I go home and Dad has been out fishing and I get the fresh catch. My mother also made a mean spaghetti and meatballs. I always requested spaghetti and meatballs for my birthday dinner. I have made that for many of my friends in LA. I get a lot of respect when people taste mine. I am even thinking of creating my recipe so you can buy it in the frozen section at the grocery store because I have mastered the recipe my mother used. I guess, thinking about that, I would have to get Mom`s consent to proceed with this venture. I love spaghetti and meatballs so much; I have found an LA restaurant that is close to the recipe: Maggianos. I was so excited when I landed Furnace in Nashville and found a Maggianos near the hotel; I asked one of the actors, Michael Pare, if he liked Maggianos. Michael is from New York and went crazy when he found out Maggianos was nearby. During the filming of the movie, I reserved a table every night What was that other question, Chase something about exercising or staying in shape? You must have asked me about food first. (smile) But in a way, I sort of answered this before; being raised on the farm I have a really strong work ethic. I of course swim, and run my dog and other things, but I was also really fortunate to meet a physical trainer after my first three films. His name is Dion Jackson. Dion trained Jim Carrey, Dustin Hoffman, Belinda Carlisle, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Ratano, Joan Severance, Pamela Anderson, Julia Roberts and a host of others. Dion`s workout takes place in his home. He has you do fifteen minutes on the stair master, fifteen minutes on the treadmill, fifteen minutes on the bike and ten minutes of jumping rope. When you are done with cardio you proceed to the back of the house, which overlooks a beautiful outdoor garden. In the back you lift weights on all the same weight machines that would be in a gym. After the weights, you proceed to a wooden floor for sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, etc. The end of the workout is a massage on a massage table with a device that reminds me of my father`s electric sander. Dion has a workout that is addicting. You feel so amazing you can`t wait to get back the next morning. When I am not working, I also workout with all of Dion`s teachings at a gym called The Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Working out makes you feel strong and capable to fight anything that comes your way.


Chase Von: Are there any future projects you`re working on you can share with our readers? Also for those in LA and those visiting that are fortunate enough to get to see you and your band, Little Ruby, perform, what can they expect from that experience? I read where you began singing as a child, with your father playing the fiddle. (smile) And I am really touched you loved the country song I wrote, called I`m Your Friend, " which as you also know is pretty much just gathering dust. But again, how can people learn ahead of time where you are performing? And what will they come away with after having the experience?


Jenny: I`ve got a web page where I try to keep people up to date on what I`m doing, and I can`t go into it now, Chase, but there is another band I might just join "but it`s sort of hush-hush for now. And I love country music and really do love that song of yours. Thanks for blowing the dust off it. (smile) 


Chase Von: What are some of the causes you feel very strongly about and support?


Jenny: Cancer! I`ve lost someone that was like a little brother to me "and it can kill so quickly! It was like I found out one day he had it and the next thing I knew I was at his funeral! There has got to be more that can be done about fighting this disease. I have learned through losing dear ones who were close to me, that we have to get up in the morning and live each day like it was our last. Natasha Richardson was one of my favorite actresses. The accident that just happened to her was so very sad. It seems to me that she was happy and was spending her last moments with her beloved family. We just can never know when our time is going to be up, Chase. I also give to and support charities that are close to me, though I don`t want to broadcast which ones. (I think you have to keep some of those between you and you-know-who.) (smile) Though I will say, every year for the last four years I have supported SOBER DAY, which was begun by the great Robert Shapiro after losing his son.


Chase Von: How important is family to you, and what is your take on the state of our current world?


Jenny: Family is everything, Chase! I come from a very large one and for me that means I`m very lucky because there are more of us to love one another. I also think having a loving family makes one able to get along better with the rest of the world. I believe I mentioned before my father has twenty-two brothers and sisters, but one of his sisters is also one of the heads of the Franciscan Nuns, Sister Ramona Miller. Also my Grandfather Alvin Miller Senior`s sister is a nun, as well. Her name is Sister Iria Miller, and my Grandmother Lucille Miller`s sister was a nun, also: Sister Marianne Kahnke, who we, unfortunately, lost last year.  There are eight children in my family. I am the eldest, then Rebecca, Reginald, Lucas, Lance, Muriah, Karee and Candice. My parents are Alvin Miller Jr. and Donna Miller and I also want to mention my Grandpa Alvin Miller Sr. and my Grandma Lucille Miller, the parents of my father and the ones who had the twenty-two children. We lost my grandparents in the last two years... My Grandpa is responsible for my storytelling techniques...but then again if I had twenty-two children, I think people would listen right away! I also want to mention my beau, Jonathan Brayley, because he is family to me, as well. He is so supportive and is quite an inspiration himself. As an editor he has worked on Troy, Rockstar, Harry Potter II, Sopranos, Bratz, Robosapien, produced by Avi Arad (Iron Man), and is currently directing and editing a television show. My Beau also edited Played along with Matthew Booth, which was produced by Executive Producer John Daly and starred Val Kilmer, Gabriel Byrne and Mick Rossi. Mick Rossi is the one who wrote it and it won many awards, and John Daly is the one who produced Platoon that was directed by Oliver Stone, The Last Emperor, and he himself won thirteen Oscars for best movies. Unfortunately, he also died of cancer "recently, which is another reason I really want to find a cure for that disease. Also my sisters, Candice and Karee " "believe it or not, Chase " "did a song that was used in John Daly`s film, The Petersburg Cannes Express. The song is called Rather Be Blind. My beau Jonathan is also working on something else I can`t share with you right now, but we think it`s going to be big! (smile). But for more about him, visit this link: Jonathan Brayley: 

And I should have mentioned this earlier, Chase, when you asked me about my own music: I have two sisters, Karee and Candice, The Miller Sisters, who have been singing in bands for ten years, starting in Minnesota, moving through Nashville, Nevada and Alaska. They have mostly done rock-and-roll covers and written original country tunes, but now in Teton Valley they are experimenting with Bluegrass. Candice plays guitar, Karee plays mandolin and they have killer harmonies. Check them out online at:

See, entertaining does run in our family! (smile) And If I could blow their horn, they have opened for Buddy Guy, Michelle Branch and The Wreckers. One exciting gig they had was singing for Lisa Marie Presley`s fortieth birthday party. After hearing the girls sing on New Year`s Eve in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Lisa asked to meet them backstage. Then later, music producer Michael Lockwood who was her fiancé at the time and is now her husband " "hired them for the party; he paid for the band to play and travel to Ojai, California where the party was held. (smile) As for the state of our world, that honestly worries me, Chase. We, as a nation, are facing some very difficult times and I really do hope we pull together like family because we have to!


Chase Von: That`s quite a recommendation for your sisters, Jenny, and having their song in a movie by someone that won thirteen Oscars is fantastic. And is your Grandpa Miller the one responsible for you being so funny? Sorry for your loss but he certainly left a great piece of himself behind to live on in you! (smile) What would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?


Jenny: First, Chase, I would like to say that I love this question and I hope everyone who reads it, tries to answer it themselves in their own way. I can think of so many things to say, but what I`ll say for now is: don`t be selfish and be willing to learn about others. I started out in what is really the country, " but because of all my traveling, I`ve found that people are pretty much the same everywhere. And the more you learn, the more you grow, and learning about others you might think are different than you makes you grow even faster. Also try to be nice to everyone and dream. Because one of those people you are nice to might surprise you and help you " "when you least expect it " to get closer to your dreams.

Chase Von: Where can our readers find your music to purchase? And your different websites and links where they can also learn more about your movie projects and events "or shows where you might appear?


Jenny: The best place to find me is at my official website: Here`s my MySpace link as well: I can also be reached through Mary Putnam Greene, my manager, and Bruno Frasca, my guitar manager/instructor.


Chase Von: Jenny, on behalf of the Student Operated Press, thanks so much for sharing yourself with our readers. I look forward to talking with you again. I know when people look at your photos especially men who may not have previously known of you " "they are going to be thinking: her beauty is literally breathtaking! (smile) And it certainly is, but having spoken to you, I know you are also a comedienne and I can see why Howard Stern loved having you on his show. (smile) You`re a riot! And you have such a lovely heart " Life is, indeed, too short to be serious all the time. So Love and Light, " and I`m looking forward to speaking with you again and listening to your coming audio with Judy.  PS, Carpal tunnel syndrome from what?  (Heh-heh) Our little secret " (smile) And also, when you speak to TIC next, please give my love and thanks for introducing us; another between-you-and-me thang. " (smile) I am truly glad they did. 


Jenny: That doesn`t have to be our secret, Chase! I have a hard time with the fancy cell phones. Or we can keep that a secret and we won`t tell anyone you don`t know how to Text people either. (smile) And I`m glad they introduced us, as well. See what can happen when one person is nice to another? And thanks so much to you, Betty Dravis, and the Student Operated Press. You guys really do rock! Love and light back at you all! Jenny :-)