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Published:July 1st, 2009 08:42 EST
Pete Stringfellow Opens for Heidi Newfield, Dec 12, 2009

Pete Stringfellow Opens for Heidi Newfield, Dec 12, 2009

By Mimi Amaral

Pete, honored and excited, has the opportunity to open up Heidi Newfield`s concert, held at: Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, California. Don`t miss out, buy your tickets today by following the link:

This wine country artist, with a country artist soul, was born with the love for music; Pete Stringfellow has turned his passion into a notable influence in the music industry. Pete is known in the industry for being an entertaining country artist, and for writing and composing songs that have found their way into more than 80 major Hollywood productions; including the classic motion picture Meet the Parents, "It was one of my songs from my Hip-Hop catalog called: Shada Boxa, and was featured during the scene where Ben Stiller`s character, Greg Focker, goes upstairs to get clothes from his fiancé`s brother." But, in Wine Country California Pete is best known for his song Santa Rosa that is played regularly on country radio.

Raised in Sonoma County Pete cannot say enough about the love he holds for the land and the people, "I think it boils down to the people. Sure, it`s incredibly beautiful and the weather is great but what makes it special, is the amazing community. If you`ve never been, do yourself a favor and visit when you can." Sonoma County, however, is not his only home these days; his second home, Nashville Tennessee, is near to his heart too. Not only does he love the music community and the history that it breaths, Pete has a great respect for the insight of the music industry it offers, "Nashville is still the Mecca for the business side of things and is home to some of the finest musicians, songwriters and recording engineers in the world. As an artist, there`s nothing like performing on a stage at the Wild Horse Saloon, or to be a part of a songwriters round at the Bluebird Café."  

Pete is definitely keeping busy. At the moment he is promoting his new single, Up and Flying, which can be downloaded from iTunes. He is also scoring music and editing a new comedy Web series, Flipside, starring web celebrity Alex Albrecht of Diggnation that is sponsored by HP. Even though Pete has a full plate he still aspires to accomplish a few special projects, "I`d love to sing a duet with Alison Krauss, sing a song with the Eagles, write a ballad for Trisha Yearwood, and do a live show with George Strait." With the passion and the drive that eludes from Pete`s character these desires will not be a flash in the pan, he will make it happen.

Pete, when asked, recommends that musicians get out and perform, write songs, and record as much as possible. He believes, in the new age of music artists must be hands on in all aspects of their own career, "The new breed of artists today can`t rely on the development deals` of the past. Take your career into your own hands, and be as independent as possible with every aspect of your career. If you don`t get `er done,` guess what, it won`t get done."  He also recommends that all artists get involved in the computer aspects of the industry, "Everything is recorded with computers, promoted with computers and artists communicate with their audiences through computers."  Pete`s last piece of advice is, "Stay in the game. Persistence does overcome resistance but only if you play the game smart. That means when you get knocked down, and you will, get back up again and learn from it.  You won`t win if you quit."

Pete, regardless of his success is still very humble, "I just feel incredibly lucky with my life. I`ll continue to work hard and tell stories that I hope folks can relate to. It`s really all about evoking emotion, along with providing some imagery for your mind`s eye." Not only is he devoted to his fans, he gives out many avenues to keep in touch with him, "I`m very much into the whole "Social Media` side of things so be sure to connect with me on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter when you get a chance. I feel like it`s my job to take my audience along for the "ride,` and these tools help me do that." So don`t disappoint him, contact him at: Myspace:,Facebook:,Twitter: is also giving away free mobile content on his mobile site, "My ringtone "Pick Up The Phone` has had over 10,000 downloads." To receive content go to:     

Whether your passion for music starts at birth like Pete`s, or transpires latter in life, don`t wait follow your dreams and make it happen.