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Published:August 2nd, 2009 22:57 EST


By Janera Fedrick

From Envogue at age 3 to Serrano all grown up, this new kid on the block strives to bring a new element to the pop genre. Not trying to reinvent the wheel, Serrano wants to reveal something that she calls pop soul. "

R& B is dead, Hip Hop is dead, Pop is dead. I just want to revive pop music, said Serrano. Currently Lady Gaga is dominating in the pop world. Her songs LoveGame, Just Dance, etc. are spreading in the club scene and the radio. During the summer, pop music is geared towards the nightlife scene.

Serrano wants to break from this trend and give the listeners something that is just as enticing and upbeat without sacrificing her style. Just starting out in the music world, Serrano has had over 150,000 hits on YouTube. "This isn`t me promoting myself.

When you post on social networking sites, someone is going to see you, said Serrano. Social networking sites have changed the way the music industry works. It also helps budding artists, like Serrano gain exposure and build a fan base without leaving their living rooms. Currently Serrano is working on her debut album Menagerie which will feature hits like Red Handed."

This song is definitely different, but in a good way. This hypnotic ballad is about a cheating boyfriend. The beat will have you in a trance and make you want to follow every word.

So watch out for this rising star, she will definitely shine as she tries to bump Lady Gaga out of her spot on the Billboard charts.