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Published:April 22nd, 2010 21:08 EST
AB Money and Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective: Is there an RIF Reunion in the Works?

AB Money and Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective: Is there an RIF Reunion in the Works?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Behind every creation, every milestone in existence, or every great event in history; stands a man with a vision. With courage and passion, this individual steps out into the forefront of any situation and faces it head on like a towering general on the battlefield. Much like the able bodies who built the pyramids, or the ingenious minds of the renaissance, this individual can be compared to only themselves due to their original actions and outstanding influence.

To many souls of both this time and past, Anthony Mosely has become the epitome of those statements. Born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn NY Anthony Mosely, also known as AB ", has been the cornerstone of every area that he has touched down on.

The guru of music, began his outstanding rise as an businessman with a simple job as a supermarket clerk at a local store in his home town. When AB " was asked about the situation he simply said, I do my best at everything, from music production to putting on my pants, that`s all a man has is his effort. " These are words that AB " clearly lives by with the outstanding achievements that trail him as he walks forward into new ventures. We can contribute the beginning of AB`s vast career in music to the 1988 street dance team. It was there that AB realized his passion for the art of music, and decided to begin what would become a universal elevation in sound.

Moving on from this momentous event, AB has marched on to become a defining figure in the careers of such artist as: Miles Davis, the late Tupac Shakur, the late Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane, and more. Having deep ties with such legends as Easy Mo Bee and Big Bub, while at the same time having the urge to work with some of the new greats such as Busta Rhymes and The Wu Tang Clan, AB`s list of hit musical ventures is almost endless.

In late 2006, AB`s outstanding ambition gave his will the ability to accomplish yet another outstanding milestone in music, the creation of Platinum Ice Records. With the aid of life long friends Easy Mo Bee and Big Bub, and the backing of two of the business world`s finest Mr. Tom Simjian and Casey Hoban, AB made one of his life long dreams come true.

From this point on AB hopes to provide the music world with a sound that has been somewhat absent in many of the artist today, while at the same time, providing the beautiful melodies that everyone has grown to love. Put best in AB`s words, We are going to give the world what it deserves, the best ". (Mr. Mosely`s outstanding works can be picked up right now at any local store that sells music. Miles Davis`s "Doo Hop Legacy" and Tupac`s "Loyal To The Game" feature Mr. Mosely)

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