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Published:April 13th, 2009 11:46 EST
At last! "Your chance to hear the LAST PANTHER SPEAK`

At last! "Your chance to hear the LAST PANTHER SPEAK`

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

At last! "Your chance to hear the LAST PANTHER SPEAK`  


At last! I received Chase Von`s "Your Chance to Hear the Last Panther Speak".


The book reached me at a time when I needed a change of ideas "to kind of relieve the mind from all that is within my surroundings.


After waiting for months, at last! It was the biggest gift so far for my B-Day. It reached me on the eve of my B-day, March 25th.


This might seem funny, I bet you! It`s the truth. The moment I was told my long awaited parcel has arrived "I was surprise! Saying to myself that after waiting and waiting "at last!


When I came home, first I admired the cover page, I looked at the two panthers trying to imagine why Chase Von chose a panther as an identity "thereafter, I read through "what others are saying" somehow, I sighed, exclaiming that I hope they weren`t exaggerating."


Gradually, I flipped through, before reading line after line, starting from the cover page, and then page after page reading each text.


Indeed! It is great. After reading carefully, I noticed myself saying this is incredible, just-for-me! Feeling the presence of each word, visualizing each act, gosh! No no!  Chase Von didn`t just sit accumulating opinions and then write them down.


Chase Von felt the wording from beyond; somewhere searching deep "I can feel the heart cry (I am not referring to some crying babies, shading tears "no! Just something like a". I don`t know how to best say it. 


This isn`t any kind of imagination ok! Just listen to the silent cry of an unborn child? Tell me what you are feeling!!!


A few days later, I traveled home, and showed the book to my little boy, who is 5 years old. This was just to see how he could appreciate images - pictures.  Guest his first expression? He smiled saying "ah! These two black cats are talking to another, hey! They have different color eyes "they like each other, the more reason, they don`t want to hurt each other. "


Wow! Even a child who is still learning to read/write could recognize that this book has 2 cats talking, and within whatever they are saying one can always find that one is speaking and one is listening.


"Your chance to hear the LAST PANTHER SPEAK`