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Published:August 7th, 2009 15:25 EST
Juniper Crescent, Synopsis and Theme

Juniper Crescent, Synopsis and Theme

By Tony Graff

Juniper Crescent, yet to be published, is the manuscript that got me into the SOP. This project took over a year to be where it`s at now, but it`s worth it.

Picture a miracle operation that can not only cure hereditary diseases like muscular dystrophy, but also strengthens the human body and senses beyond human capacity. This operation was perfected by a research group that recently received FDA approval to make the operation public. One of the first to receive the operation is Oksanya Vor Tallen, daughter of construction tycoon Darren Vor Tallen. With a love of running and Duchenne`s muscular dystrophy, the genes of a cheetah were implanted via a retrovirus into her system, healing her and giving her the power to run a mile in under two minutes. (The world record for the mile is three minutes, forty seconds. Other changes have occurred as well. A vast array of spots have appeared on her back, arms, legs and up to her cheeks, her eyes have an orange tint to them, and she must relearn to eat a human diet. But the best thing is that her disease was cured.

While things are good for her, society and the culture are and are not so accepting. Many see this as nothing less than the next great thing for humanity, while others view it as human monstrosity unleashed. Violence occurs from both sides, and prejudice rears its ugly head in its many forms. Many of the others who have had the operation turn to Oksanya, as she is not one who holds a grudge or a vendetta. What will happen when word gets out of an organized attack on the only building in the world dedicated to this medical Pandora`s box?

The theme, and one that is near and dear to my heart, is that monstrosity, prejudice, and hate are not dependent on species. There are unforgivable acts commited by both those with animal genes and those who consider themselves "Pure." This also raises the question as to what defines a human? How do we really know when humanity is lost or gained? That is still a question I think we don`t have quite right yet. We can turn to religion, science, philosophy, or the capacity to ponder any of the above for an answer, but still it doesn`t hold the complete answer, I think.

This was a fun book to write, and really insightful, both as to myself and how the external world is understood by myself and others I observed for the sake of this book .