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Published:September 21st, 2009 13:22 EST
A Heroic Story:  Marchen Awakens Romance

A Heroic Story: Marchen Awakens Romance

By Tony Graff

I am not an anime addict, or otaku as people saturated in the hobby would call it, but I`ll say I`m a recovering one. Recently, I had been introduced to MAR, short for Marchen Awakens Romance. It`s the story of a boy named Ginta who dreams and reads about the world of MAR Heaven, where monsters and warriors meet in fierce battles of defense. 

One day at school, a strange door emerges in his classroom, and he is pulled into his fantasy world. Everything, just like he imagined, is cooler there. He doesn`t even need his glasses, which is a plus. Then he finds out he wasn`t summoned there by accident. The Chess Pieces, led by the ruthless Phantom, have started a war that should have ended six years ago, and the Cross Guard, the only people able to defend and hold off the Chess Pieces, have summoned a hero, much like the hero from the other world that saved them last time. 

As cliche as that sounds, it`s a well told story, and the images used by the artist are very well done. It does have its anime staples of strange outfits and the obligatory female with the oversized chest, but they take their place behind the story of Ginta and his friends learning and defending themselves against the evil collaborations of the chess pieces.