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Published:September 29th, 2009 10:07 EST
Book Review: The Pearly Gates

Book Review: The Pearly Gates

By Darren LaMontagne

Book Review: The Pearly Gates by Darren LaMontagne


            Hello again!


This is Darren LaMontagne and it`s been a little while since I last wrote an article for the SOP. I have been extremely busy promoting my book" why stop now. As sweet as it would be to give you a stellar review in my own bias words, I realize it doesn`t work like that (darn). I thought it might be a good idea to share a couple of other opinions from those who had the opportunity to read The Pearly Gates. The first is from a critic who writes for my local newspaper, The Leader Post, and the second is from G.L. Giles, a professional book reviewer. Now, while it seems like they both enjoyed my story, keep in mind, I could have written a much better review.

           Saskatchewan Angles  

                        By Will Chabun, Leader-Post June 13, 2009

                The Pearly Gates, by Reginan Darren LaMontagne.


This is a fantastic -- in the classic literary sense of that word -- novel about a boy and his father who die in a fatal accident and find themselves stuck in another dimension before the Gates of Heaven.


The son gets in; the father doesn`t -- and is given a task to achieve before he is granted entry.


Meanwhile, his wife back on Earth fights severe depression before discovering she`s pregnant. All the while, her husband is covertly monitoring her. For more info, go to the author`s website at


  My Review of The Pearly Gates by Darren LaMontagne

                     (Blue Planet Publishing © 2009)


Don`t let the title fool you; this isn`t some boring novel about The Pearly Gates to heaven where you`ll see supposedly saved souls sitting on damp clouds forever, hearing only harp music in the background.  Rather, it`s a fast-paced, cross-genre read:  I`d put it in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Thriller/Horror categories.  And, as that, it should appeal to a wide audience.  The pearly gates to the state of everlasting existence in this novel are uniquely described in what I`d call a more metaphysically appealing way, as they are a beautiful big, fluorescent screen " (p.26).  


LaMontagne`s strength is really his plot which cleverly weaves together the lives of those not only on Earth, but also on another planet and in another dimension as well, and part of the way he does this is through reincarnation.  Several storylines come together seamlessly in this novel of 483 pages, and that`s the mark of a talented writer.  The characters were well-developed, but not to the point that I`d say this is a character-driven book. 


In fact, I`d say it`s more plot-driven, and that works very well for this novel.  Though the main storyline centers around Tim, Blake, Mary and Doug Crawford, I favored a different storyline (which crosses paths with the main storyline in several ways) centering on Serena Orion and Syras Aphynigan, who were both originally from the planet of Valdohre, but were both relocated to Earth.  There`s a lot of humor included surrounding transitions to Earth, as Earth is pretty much hell compared to Valdohre. 


In fact, humor plays a major role throughout this book, and it helps to break up the horrific scenes.  This novel is ambitious in its scope, but it definitely delivers!


G.L. Giles


         If you are interested in any further information regarding this fabulous masterpiece, just Google my name and you will find anything you need to know. Stay safe my friends and always wear a helmet when playing on the freeway.


                                                                                                        Darren LaMontagne