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Published:October 23rd, 2009 15:23 EST
The Storyteller Book Review

The Storyteller Book Review

By Tony Graff

Not a whole lot came from Jim Henson Studios since Jim Henson himself passed away, leaving a legacy of capturing dreams and using an imagination to its fullest extent. To this day, he is still one of my heroes. 

When I picked up The Storyteller, I was hesitant. It had Jim Henson`s logo on it, but after a mediocre experience with the Mirror Mask, another work which the Jim Henson studio took part in, I had my doubts. The fact that it was only 7 dollars swayed me to give it a shot. 
After watching three of the nine stories that comprise the miniseries, I was surprised to find myself wanting to watch more of it. The stories, classic fairy tales from all over Europe, were brilliantly told, with the Creature Studio Jim Henson established only adding to the magic these classic stories told. When I had finished the DVD, I really hoped there would be more. More bedtime stories of this caliber. For the most part, these are fairy tales I`d wager we haven`t heard, or haven`t heard in a long time. 
If you happen to come across a copy of The Storyteller, it is definitely worth picking up. All audiences will find something valuable in the stories. Brian Henson also created The Storyteller: Greek Myths, but it doesn`t stand up to the original. 

Jim Henson left big shoes to fill, and The Storyteller is the first work Brian Henson has done that reaches the mark of filling them.

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Hey, I just found your review of The Storyteller book on The SOP.  It came up in one of my Google alerts for "Jim Henson" -- I write for a Muppet fan website called  I agree, The Storyteller was a pretty cool project, but I just thought I`d point out that Jim Henson himself was actually responsible for the TV show that the book was based on.  It aired in the late 80s when he was still alive, and he even directed a couple of episodes.  The Muppet Wiki website has a pretty good article with some more info:

-Ryan Roe