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Published:January 3rd, 2010 10:51 EST
America Held hostage in 2010

America Held hostage in 2010

By SOP newswire2


It does not matter what you or I believe. What does matter is what the world of Islam believes.
As we closed out 2009 and in under two months America`s endured the Fort Hood massacre, a failed terrorist attack on an airliner, a suspect van in Times Square, and a suspicious package turned Christmas ornament.
Radical Islam has no fixed base. The enemy is not a country. It`s a religious ideal living in the minds and hearts of a brutal cult founded in the seventh century. Its war of Jihad reaches from Mecca to the camps in Sudan, Yemen and Somalia, from Pakistan to the Himalayas, the hills of the Philippines, the caucuses of Europe, the islands of Indonesia, most countries in Africa,  the frontiers of China, and now the mosques in America. Mecca is its heart, Medina its soul, Iran its voice.
For a time, the generals in the war of Jihad called the mountain caves of Pakistan and Afghanistan their home. Now, with Obama at the helm, new fronts in Yemen and Somalia have surfaced. Who do we defend against? Who do we fight? Who will we take our revenge on, not if, but when the next plane comes down, or the real bomb goes off while Obama continues to flounder in his political correct outreach to our enemies.
America`s pending withdrawal of its military from the Middle East in the wake of Obama`s promises, and congressional demands, has made the fishing ports at Marka, Somalia on the shores of the Indian Ocean, and the Port of Sudan on the Red Sea, the locations of choice for the new Muslim terrorist camps.
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