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Published:December 31st, 2005 12:28 EST
Your Business Needs Leads and Traffic.

Your Business Needs Leads and Traffic.

By Alan Gray

Your business needs leads and traffic. Matt Bacak, "The Powerful Promoter" knows exactly how to get traffic and he shows you how to get it too.

100% of royalties from Matt`s new book, The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan, are donated directly to Habitat for Humanity by New York Publisher Morgan James. To encourage you to buy the book and thereby donate to Habitat for Humanity, Matt offers over $52,127.00 in free products from hundreds of other authors.

Matt says "Everyone wants their book to be a success and so do I, but I`ve been so moved by the work that Habitat for Humanity has done around the country, particularly in the wake of Katrina, that I wanted to do something to help them".

Matt identified one of the top challenges all businesses have that he could solve - and he wrote a book giving instructions on how to solve that problem".

The top challenge identified by Matt is: getting leads and traffic to your website - something he does exceptionally well.

Matt, owner of Frontier Marketing International Inc., teamed up with many other marketers to help launch his book "The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan".

By teaming up with more than 200 other high profile internet marketers, Matt is expanding his internet reach, making a bigger payoff for Habitat For Humanity, giving you a $52,127.00 bonus, helping you boost your small business and probably the economy too.

Matt Bacak knows his stuff, so do yourself and your business a big favor - get the book and take action.

So now, back to the opening question - What do "The Powerful Promoter" and Habitat for Humanity have in Common? - they both help people - and now Matt wants to help you help yourself and Habitat for Humanity at the same time.You can purchase the book at your local bookstore, or For more details, visit

Matt Bacak is the CEO of Frontier Marketing, LLC. He has been involved in some of the largest and most visible internet marketing success stories today. His advice is regularly sought out by everyone from Entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500. A passionate philanthropist, Matt focuses on raising money for causes that "change the world for people who need it most." For more information contact Stephanie Bunn at 770-271-1536.