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Published:July 27th, 2006 11:24 EST
Motorola Announces New, Thinner Phone

Motorola Announces New, Thinner Phone

By Alisia Leavitt

On Tuesday, Motorola, Inc. introduced a revolutionary new phone. The MOTOFONE is Motorola`s thinnest to date "a mere 9mm, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Though small, the MOTOFONE is durable, and definitely packs a punch. Ron Garriques, Motorola`s president of Mobile Device, said, By changing expectations regarding what a phone can look like, feel like, and deliver, Motorola hopes to change the entire playing field for handset development. "

Motorola aims to provide users with a phone that is edgy, affordable, and functional.

The MOTOFONE does incorporate elements from previous phones; however, Motorola uses them in a new way. The user interface uses voice prompts in multiple languages-- paired with new screen icons--to navigate users though the system.

Motorola says that icons, instead of traditional text, will make the MOTOFONE more user-friendly. Sending and receiving calls and text messages will be much easier. First-time mobile phone users around the world will feel more confident using the MOTOFONE.

Tech-savvy consumers can appreciate the newest feature--a large-font, high-contrast screen that uses the new ClearVision display. Active users will appreciate the Electro phonetic Display technology that enables them to view the screen even, in direct sunlight.

Another feature is the keypad, flush with the phone`s body. This allows both a smooth appearance and dust-resistance. The MOTOFONE also comes with extended battery life and a loud volume setting, making it easy to listen in the noisiest of areas. Along with pre-programmed polyphonic ring tones, the MOTOFONE can download additional ring tones.

The MOTOFONE is expected to be available before the end of 2006 in both GSM and GDMA models.

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 SOURCE: Motorola, Inc