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Published:May 5th, 2007 14:24 EST
Need Guidance for Your Investment?

Need Guidance for Your Investment?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

In an economically bewildered world, it is easy to get lost, as to where to invest for profits or preservation of capital, especially amongst so many aggressive brokers, enthusiastic to lure you to invest through them or amongst so many publications offering you consultancy.  seems to be a rather reliable and  sophisticated site offering advice on inflation, dollar`s status and future, as well as comprehensive economic analyses pertaining to gold, interest rates, world  economic situation, wars and international tensions, governmental policies of the USA, Europe and Asia, and other factors influencing the world and local economies. According to this expert web site, gold seems to be a preferred area to invest for safety of capital for the time being in view of the dollar`s plunge and inflation.

Apparently, European countries have stopped selling gold and some started to buy it. China,

Which has excessive US dollars, is buying T-bonds and soon will start investing in gold also.

Iran has stopped accepting us currency for oil and so has Russia. Iran sells oil against euro and Russia against rubles. A thorough study of the above web site will introduce you to the research and thoughts of many world experts, as to the present and the future of the world economy.