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Published:May 18th, 2007 05:04 EST
Stop Thinking Like an Employee

Stop Thinking Like an Employee

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

New entrepreneurs, in particular, need to break free of the employee " mindset. While employees must be concerned with keeping their jobs and keeping their customers, whether inside their company or outside, entrepreneurs must pursue a markedly different agenda: ownership of the assets that provide revenue.

The most successful entrepreneurs acquire interests in a wide variety of assets. They are constantly on the lookout for assets that they can capture and put to use, whether these assets include participation in databases or Rolodexes to expand their customer bases, or participation in real estate or other forms of equity ownership that will yield superb financial results.

As an entrepreneur, you must always be aware of opportunities that come your way. And these opportunities aren`t limited to generate more of the same old revenue you receive from selling your services or products. Entrepreneurs looking for substantial growth must acquire ownership of the assets that can provide services or products. When you do this, your ability to generate revenue doesn`t just increase by a few percentage points or even double, it increases exponentially.

So, as you are working hard every day to build your company, or as you`re building your career, focus on assets and figure out ways to monetize them.

About Joel G. Block, President of Growth-Logic, Inc.

Often dubbed a "Growth Architect" by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and advisor. To bring Joel into your company, please visit or