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Published:May 29th, 2007 05:37 EST
Don't Ask For Advice From Just Anybody

Don't Ask For Advice From Just Anybody

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

Would you ask directions from someone who hasn`t ever visited the place you need to go? I hope not. But most entrepreneurs " especially those who are new to entrepreneurship " seek advice from the wrong people. Who are the wrong people? Those who aren`t entrepreneurs.

Friends and family members are most often the wrong people (if they aren`t themselves entrepreneurs) who are asked to advise on opportunities or situations with which entrepreneurs are faced. The resulting advice is typically flawed for either one or both of the following reasons:

The person doesn`t understand the entrepreneurial mindset, and he or she will indicate that you cannot achieve the goal that you are seeking to accomplish. Often they will say this because they don`t believe that they could accomplish the goal. The person might not understand the problem the way that you do. They may not understand your capabilities or your drive and desire to make you dreams come to life.

So, as you are working hard every day to build your company, or as you`re building your career, be very careful about taking the advice of someone who has not traveled the entrepreneurial road. Not only might they steer you in the wrong direction, they may discourage your from trying at all. If you want a mentor, pick someone who has been successful in the business or industry in which you are trying to succeed.

About Joel G. Block, President of Growth-Logic, Inc.

Often dubbed a "Growth Architect" by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and advisor. To bring Joel into your company, please visit or