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Published:October 20th, 2007 09:44 EST
Big Media Owners: One King To Rule Them All

Big Media Owners: One King To Rule Them All

By Sean Stubblefield

Recently brought to my attention is a New York Times article reporting a plan issued by the head of the FCC that would reduce limits on Media Owners. These regulatory limits impose restrictions on how many newspapers, radio/ TV stations can be owned by one entity, and are meant to allow for more diversified media outlets by preventing a singular controlling perspective. By consolidating and monopolizing media, a plan such as this is not only a danger to alternative view points, but could also threaten the idea of a free press. Corporate media giants want to control information, as another form of power. And who is controlling them is another matter I won "t get into here.

That the FCC can have this degree of latitude without any kind of Congressional or public oversight is disturbing and deserves more than our attention-- it demands our protest. At the very least, our acknowledgement.

Initially, I wasn`t going to comment on this here. The chance of a deregulatory plan being approved/ enacted-- particularly now-- is probably small, and the chance of anyone caring enough to get involved in protest is smaller, and the effectiveness of any protest is even less. So why bother?

But if we reach a point where I-- of all people-- stop caring about such things, then we`re all in more trouble than anyone could realize. And if I don`t care enough to tell you about this, then why should I expect you to care? Awareness isn`t action, but it can lead to it, as the first step to informed action. So just in case this is not a drill and if anyone does care, tell Congress to stop Big Media:

Maybe this is an over reaction based on speculation. But maybe it isn`t action enough. Why wait until it is too late to oppose? Assuming, of course, it isn`t already futile? Democracy, quite literally, is everyone`s concern, in a free society. That is what is at stake.

The NY Times report:

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