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Published:December 5th, 2007 06:57 EST
Brothers and Sisters of the World Please Take Note

Brothers and Sisters of the World Please Take Note

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo


Three to four years ago, before the invasion of the Chinese and their products in the Cameroon market, it was said to be a brilliant opportunity between the local trader, the Chinese and for the Cameroon economy.   I don’t know if I should say, instead it has caused more harm than good.   There is a saying that “no man is an island." Besides, if you don’t compare two things, one can’t  tell which is better.

Following a discussion between some consumers, getting their impression on whether or not Chinese products have been a help in the community, it seems that a majority of the population reacted positively saying, keep aside of the products less durable and low qualities, it’s affordable, irrespective of your  social status. Also, it has brought the opening whereby there are multiple choices, especially on  outfits and other necessities, unlike previously.

What a shame! The case is something else within producers and wholesalers of same products but who are not Chinese. Actually, they say they don’t mind; but, their problem is: what I can describe as  “dumping.”

From the little I could gather from some retailers  and producers, Chinese have destroyed the relationship they had with their customers. Not only the fact that their goods are cheaper compared to theirs; but, what is so annoying is that, for exampl, Chinese  supplies products to retailers for 5dollar per item when the actual price is 6-7dollars. A  trader goes to the market to sell these goods at the actual price, only to discover the Chinese, too, present the item in the same market selling that same product for 4dollars.  

Imagine this? How do you expect the trader to get back his cost price or talk of making profit. What I don’t understand is why the government  silence about the show? Actually, it's ethically wrong. Because, if a product is between a price  rate, by no means will it go below or above. Well, I am sure economists will better explain.

That is not all, turn to mean jobs such as taxi  drivers, ‘puff–puff sellers’ and other jobs which serve as means to earn a living to the less privileged, among them are Chinese. How do you expect the local  people to cope, acknowledging Cameroon a poor indebted country? Of which, in most of their institutions, every employee is a Chinese except for that which is for the state.  

Take a look at those who import Italian, French and other foreign goods. There is absolutely no way to cope, some have closed down since people will prefer to purchase 3-4 items for 10 dollars rather  than just one item.  

Personally, let's not be penny wise, pound foolish. If you are fan to a brand and can purchase it, stick to it. I know some will say, "Diversity. Spice up life."  Yes, I am not against it, but once you get a taste, what the essence to diversify?   

Regarding their involvement in mean jobs, since they have the working power and are very creative, I  don’t think it’s a problem.