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Published:December 19th, 2007 08:51 EST
Ben on Time

Ben on Time

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

The time that is in your possession is money but the time you`re losing is costing you dearly.  The way you use it or lose it controls your destiny.  Like money, time should be wisely invested and planned out well in advance of you spending it.  We could learn a lot from a good friend of mine from history named Benjamin Franklin and he said it like this..."Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of".   Using time correctly gives you the greatest advantage.  Those who leverage the clock expand their future opportunities.  So how have you been on time?

Time pays dividends "

What Benjamin Franklin was trying to tell us speaks far into the future.  It is wise for us to heed the words of a man who accomplished so many things that one writer said it was as if he was seven men.  Sharpening your thinking improves your use of time.  The less you know the harder you work the more errors you make and the more money you lose.  The more you know the smarter you work the less errors you make and the more money you gain.  Use your time wisely if you want to enjoy life.  Increase your future earnings by investing in time mastery and time efficiency. Ben learned to do more with less...Time Efficiency

At a very young age, Benjamin Franklin learned to do more in less time.  When he worked for his brother James the printer he`d often combine study time with lunch to achieve more from the same time that others had.  On his trips to and from London, while at sea he would explore deep scientific theories instead of wasting his time.  So how can you do what Ben did to gain greater use of your time?  Begin with this...when you`re doing physical task always have motivational CD`s or MP3 downloads playing in the background.  This way you`re exercising your mind as you accomplish your task.  When you`re working on the computer or driving down the highway is another lovely way to increase time efficiency.  In a nutshell, start thinking of ways you can double up and take advantage of your use of time. 

Use other people`s time...and add back to yours.

My Godfather Brian Tracy once told how his wife saw him cutting his own lawn as a way of keeping him from making better use of his time.  At her advice he hired a kid from the community and added back time that he was losing cutting his own lawn.  Every chance you get give up the opportunity to do things others can do for you.  This will add back time to your clock in amazing ways.  Benjamin Franklin did this by hiring people to run his print shops that he placed around the community.  This use of employing others to do your work is a smart move.  Hiring others keeps the community employed and keeps you doing what really matters the most...saving time.  And the invention of Day light savings time was one of Benjamin Franklin`s inventions to control time.  So how are you controlling the time you have?

So why do people ignore the time they use?  I`m not sure but I believe if you knew better you`d do better. Remember there are no real problems only a failure to be more creative than we`ve ever been. If you invent your opportunity, you`ll create your future.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Your Servant, Deremiah, *CPE

(c) 2007 by Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion Executive

Deremiah *CPE, Customer Passion in what really matters the most...saving time.  And the invention Executive.  A "Top 25" Marketing Expert on  This Nightingale Conant Award-Winning Speaker, Artist & Inventor, has shown hundreds of Customer Passion Evangelist, CEO`s, Consultants and Sales people how to use his simple but tremendous techniques.   Using the Servant`s Mentality to expand the footprint of many companies as he increases customer relationships and simultaneously helps At-Risk Children in the communities where you do business every day. Reach Deremiah at