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Published:December 21st, 2007 16:06 EST
Concrete Millions Real Estate Expo Coming to an Area near You!

Concrete Millions Real Estate Expo Coming to an Area near You!

By Alex Alex

North America`s Two Most Successful Real Estate Mentors Want to Create 1000 New Millionaires in 2008.
Foreclosures are Up 800% in The USA! More Millionaires Will Be Created During The Next 12 Months Than Anytime in U.S. History!
Do You Have What It Takes to Be One?

NEW YORK, New York   - New York City real estate developer Ken Van Liew has done 1.2 billion dollars in commercial real estate development projects! Ex-cop turned real estate multi-millionaire Chuck Smith has flipped more houses than anyone else in North America-- a record 3,327 houses! Together, Ken and Chuck are out to make history-- and money. Both are multi-millionaires and have formed a new company called "Partnerships in Progress."

They are conducting a nationwide search, traveling to every major city in North America in an effort to locate select students who they will train as "their eyes, ears and legs" to bring them deals that will be done without using any of the students` money or credit.

"We only take a small percentage of the profit, and the students keep majority interest. It`s an outstanding business plan because we would rather make a small amount on a ton of deals across North America, rather than all of the profits from deals in local areas," says Ken.
"Our "Concrete Millions Workshop" is free," adds Chuck Smith. Anyone can attend the free workshop and see what it`s all about. Chuck goes on to say, "Obviously, we`re going to be selective and will only accept those students into the program that can demonstrate commitment, motivation and a burning desire to succeed."
"Background and formal education do not matter to us," Ken elaborates. "Our standards and slogan are similar to the U.S. Marines " we don`t take applications, we only take commitments."

In addition to the financial success Ken and Chuck have achieved, they are also two of the most sought after public speakers and educators in the business world. Ken Van Liew is the author of Create and Master Clients for Life, holds two Masters Degrees, and has lectured at the prestigious Rutgers University College of Engineering, as well as New York University`s Real Estate Institute. He is also a licensed real estate agent and professional engineer in New York, Connecticut, Delaware and New Jersey with over 26 years of hands-on real estate experience. "Ken Van Liew is an outstanding educator and has recently signed to speak for the Learning Annex," says Chuck.
Chuck Smith is called `The Donald Trump of Flipping Houses`! Mr. Trump, in addition to Personal Development Coach Anthony Robbins, endorses his real estate system. The world`s largest Wealth Seminar organization in the country-- the Learning Annex-- paid Chuck Smith a record $80,000 in one hour for his speech, according to program director Steven Shragis of the Learning Annex. "My job is to book the top speakers in the country, such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Anthony Robbins," said Shragis. "We had them all here, including Chuck Smith " and these guys are expensive."
Learning Annex President Bill Zanker admits, "Out of all the speakers we had, Chuck Smith was rated number one by an audience of over 25,000. I had to pay big bucks to bring him back."

Large audiences have paid upwards of $500.00 per person to listen to and meet Chuck Smith and Ken Van Liew. During the next 12 months, they are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally train under both of them. You will discover real estate systems that would take you over 25 years to learn the hard way. "Work smarter, not harder " your financial future is based on the decisions you make today," advises Ken Van Liew. It`s time to step up and seize the moment now, and become wealthy by partnering on deals directly with these two success stories.
You can find out more information about Chuck Smith and Ken Van Liew by visiting the web site,or call toll free at 800-780-9354