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Published:January 8th, 2008 10:01 EST
Judy Piazza chats with Tom Mast, Author of Over A Barrel

Judy Piazza chats with Tom Mast, Author of Over A Barrel

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Tom Mast is the author of Over A Barrel (March 2005) and with an MBA from Harvard, he has built a career in the engineering and science industry. He can help your audience understand the growing dependence on oil in America and the dynamics of the oil crisis across the globe. More importantly, his research and experience provides knowledgeable insight on various energy alternatives, and ways anyone can help to make a difference. The oil and energy conflict is certainly one of the most significant concerns facing the world today.

Will You Still Be Driving Your SUV in 10 Years?
Tom Mast, Energy Expert

Does your audience know:

  • The oil production peak in the United States occurred in 1970 with 9.6 million barrels per day and in 2002, oil production was at 5.8 million barrels per day.

  • The world peak in oil production is expected in the next few years, with demand outstripping supply and leading to oil shortage worldwide.

  • The postman`s vehicle, the fresh milk at the grocery, and many other aspects of our lifestyle are dependent on abundant supplies of oil.

  • There are several things we should be doing now to mitigate the shortage.

Mast`s forthcoming book Over A Barrel: A Simple Guide to the Oil Shortage (March 2005) is intended to be read by the layman in one hour. I wrote this book hoping that it will improve the chances that my grandchildren`s world 60 years from now will have some good alternatives for the four-fifths of the oil production that will be gone then, ? Mast comments. Over A Barrel succinctly covers all the key facts of oil, starting with a discussion of what energy is and the special role of oil as a source of energy. Mast also discusses the history of energy and how oil came to be so vital to transportation. Finally, Mast gives readers a glimpse of the harsh reality the world faces without energy alternatives, discusses well-known substitutes, and explains their technical, social, and environmental issues.


  • Many feel that our foreign policy and uses of the military are driven by our need to protect the 63% of the world`s oil reserves that are in the Middle East.

  • Discuss the history of oil production, and how the U.S. has become dependent on it

  • Answer questions about the alternatives to oil, and the technical, social, and environmental implications of those alternatives.

  • Vividly describe the horrors the world will experience when people realize there is no longer enough oil and no energy alternatives.

  • Give simple ideas on how anyone can help make a difference in the energy crisis.


Tom Mast received BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas and Stanford and an MBA from Harvard. His career began as a Navy Civil Engineer Corps officer in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard`s power generation department and in Spain. His subsequent career was in the management of manufacturing operations and engineering. He held management and executive positions in an oil tool and forging company, an integrated manufacturer of fabricated and machined equipment, and a personal computer corporation. He also founded a modular home company making energy-efficient starter homes. Mast was responsible for new product development in most of his positions and saw many successful products from conception to market. He holds four patents. In recent years, he has consulted in product development processes as well as in manufacturing. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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