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Published:January 11th, 2008 00:35 EST
My Favorite Productivity Tool for 2008

My Favorite Productivity Tool for 2008

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

My favorite tool in my arsenal of efficiency products is my dictation service. Nothing helps me more. The following material has been taken from our very popular "Successful Entrepreneurs Resource Guide Volume 1 - Top 9" which you can find at Be sure to read this one all the way to the end because there is a special offer (free service!) for my readers.

If you want to take your personal productivity to the limit, then you should consider acquiring a skill that very few people have. That skill is dictation. Nearly every day I use a service called CopyTalk. Especially for those of us who speak better than we write, dictation is a marvelous way to capture our thoughts. If you find yourself thinking faster than you can type or find you are often at locations where your computer is not handy, then dictation is a must and the CopyTalk service is the best and most cost-effective dictation service I've come across yet.

CopyTalk allows me to hit a preprogrammed number on my cell phone (or from any other location I choose, such as my home or office) and the system automatically recognizes me. I provide a subject and I start to talk. When I hang up, the dictation is transmitted instantly to highly trained technicians who transcribe the material. In short order, I receive an E-mail containing my dictation in text format. Depending on where I am, I can read the document in my Outlook or on my smart phone.

This service is extremely effective because when I pick up a telephone after a meeting, I'm fresh, and the ideas are top of mind. I can capture those ideas, analyze, and assess my thoughts immediately without having to wait and risk losing the inspiration.

The CopyTalk service allows me to dictate during an unlimited number of four-minute blocks. If I dictate for four minutes and run out of time, I can simply start another block during the same phone call. There is no limit to the number of dictations I can make each month for the same low monthly fee. However, the service isn’t for everyone. If you need to start and stop your dictation, are planning to dictate in 10-second blocks, or want to use the service to remember quick "to-do’s," this might not be the best service for you.

CopyTalk is a powerful and inexpensive alternative to other forms of dictation. It eliminates the need for many secretarial services that entrepreneurs have to purchase. It also allows us to memorialize activities that we take on with clients, such as the basics of agreements or contracts that we might require. It is also great for dictating marketing copy and other such materials.

We have arranged a special price for our friends. You can have either the special price or a brief amount of time for free to try the service. It’s up to you-– but don’t delay. This is one service that might just change the way you do business forever. Run to your computer and go to

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