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Published:February 6th, 2008 07:44 EST
Building a Dynamite Sales Team with 15 Insider Secrets to Sucess

Building a Dynamite Sales Team with 15 Insider Secrets to Sucess

By John Palumbo (Mentor/Columnist)

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a sales manager for a small team or large team.  In fact, it really doesn’t matter if you are a sales person.  The next few minutes that you spend reading these insider secrets will benefit you in today’s competitive market. 


1.  You Gotta Get Inside Their Heads

      The only way to do this is through the use of assessment tools.  There are a lot of companies out there, but remember, you get what you pay for.  I strongly recommend spending a little more in order to get good, valid information about your candidates. 

2.  The Newspaper is so YESTERDAY!

      Today we only want people who are internet savvy.  That means they are looking in all of the right places, they understand how to navigate the web, how to apply online, and how to get information to us via the information super highway.  We can find out about them and they can find out about us.  Unfortunately, the newspaper moves way to slow in comparison. 

3.  Where the Heck to Find Them?

      Don’t look where everyone else is looking, such as real estate agencies and mortgage brokers.  Be more proactive.  Hire young professionals just starting their careers and train and mold them to become your dynamite sales person.  There are a lot of diamonds in the ruff waiting to be discovered. 

4.  Hire Slow, Fire Fast

      The need to fill a spot with a warm body just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Take your time.  Follow the steps in this article.  On the flip side, when it’s time to let someone go, don’t belabor the issue.  It’s agonizing for the manager, along with everyone else.  So, once you know what the problem is, just do like Donald Trump and say “You’re fired.” 

5.  Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

      In an effort to save time, many managers will look for experienced sales agents.  I strongly encourage you to take the time to look at people coming from different industries with good skills.  Once they are brought into our industry and trained from the ground up, the key element you have is loyalty, which, by the way, is the number one quality that all companies are looking for.  The only way you can achieve this is to spend the money now to bring people on board and become a training ground for top agents.  If not, you will certainly pay later as people use your company as a revolving door to come in and out of in pursuit of a little more money down the road next time the opportunity presents itself. 


6.  Who’s Training the Trainer?

      Most sales teams lack training because the manager either lacks the initiative or the training becomes somewhat stale and redundant.  Managers – get out there and beef-up your presentation skills NOW! 

7.  We Have Met The Enemy …

      and as the cartoon caricature, Pogo, says, “He is us,” which means oftentimes we are our own worst enemies in the field of training.  If you are not good at it, get someone else to do it, but get it done.  The cancer that plagues all salespeople can be cured with a ongoing training attitude that never ends.   

8.  An Hour to Empower

      Spend at least one hour each week (if possible, depending on the size of your sales team) with each individual salesperson.  You will quickly discover this to be one of the most profitable things you can do as far as an investment with your people.   

9.  What’s Their Sales DNA?

      You need to understand, in depth, how each salesperson sees the world – primarily what their values are and what motivates them.  The quickest way to a world class team is to understand their Desires, Natural Abilities, and Attitudes. 

10.  Future Pace

      Most sales people want to brag about how long the company’s been in business or how big the company is.  However, in today’s market, that is not as important as “is your company going to be in business tomorrow?”  Future pacing is the art of selling security for what may come down the road.  Today’s customers are more concerned with where you are going than where you have been.   


11.  Implied vs. Designated Leadership

      Every sales team has someone that is the go to person, and it’s not always the sales manager.  To become a powerful leader, the implied leader and the designated leader need to be one in the same.  Just do it. 

12.  Protect Them to Encourage Them

      Managers are charged with finding the best in their sales team.  When a weakness is uncovered, the mission is to protect them in order to continue to nurture what’s possibly a very good sales person.  The fact that they are not very good with some paper work or other nuances does not mean terminate them, it means protect them by helping them so that they can improve and make you money. 

13.  Competence Leads to Confidence

      With salespeople everywhere today, the number one critical factor is their confidence levels.  Training is the key to building competence, which will eventually lead to confidence with salespeople, which will equal more sales and more closings. 

14.  Coaching vs. Cheerleading

      Too many managers try to be liked by their sales team. This is not the role of a sales manager.  Our objective is to be a coach, which means that oftentimes we have to make decisions which are not be liked by others, but we will always be respected.  

15.  Inspect What You Expect

      Sales teams often don’t meet their objectives because their expectations have not been properly set.  Just a go-get-em-tiger attitude is not good enough.  Top sales people expect to be inspected – it’s their opportunity to show off how good they are.  Poor performers rarely want to have anything inspected, including their presentation, follow up of their prospects, and their demonstration skills.  Do everybody a favor and inspect what you expect.   

John Palumbo, MIRM, is CEO of The Sales DNA Institute, an idea studio and research laboratory for sales and marketing management. He has presented hundreds of speeches and seminars internationally on the science of sales and influence. He has been instrumental in restructuring the Sales DNA of thousands of individuals from small, family-run companies to large-scale developers such as Trump Grande International. Visit or e-mail for more information.